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Posted by raymerjacque on April 22, 2014 at 6:45 PM Comments comments (1)

I saw we had 2 donations this month ... :)




When I started this Project I intended it to be a free project, in many ways i think i just wanted to contribute something back to the world, I have been involved in quite a bit of projects before this one, some where money was involved and i HATED it ! , and so when i started Makulu I intended it to ALWAYS be fully free and never expected to ever ask or demand or scam or find ways to make people pay, infact even the idea of donations button was quite upsetting... But everyone kept convincing me to do it and I buckled and I guess at first it just seemed to be something that sort of filled the awkward gap that was in the side bar, but i made sure it was near the bottom and not right on top.




However, I never considered the running costs of the project, never expected user-base to explode and climb the Distro rankings so quickly, in fact i did not ever think i would even get onto the rankings ...




In the end I see a few guys donated here and there, and I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you, the donations have GREATLY assisted in taking the load off my shoulders with the Repo server box and website costs.




So thank you to all who donated, it is Very much appreciated and I will keep doing what i am doing and make every release special :)

MakuluLinux Mate Edition 6.1 Released !

Posted by raymerjacque on April 20, 2014 at 5:35 PM Comments comments (5)

The New Mate Edition has been a huge hit, and with good reason, its a VERY likable desktop environment. It is Rock solid, Very powerful, Simple to use, and kinda almost brings back that old familiar feeling you used to have when you were still using good old gnome 2 ...

Version 1.8 of Mate is barely out of its diapers, i mean seriously, its not even 2 months old and its running so smooth and stable that you would swear its been live for years ... ( well, almost, we did have that one missing panel bug, but then again nothing is perfect and 1 bug in 2 months is unheard of ... )  The Mate Desktop stays true to its name and remains rock solid all round well designed Desktop Environment.

Designed and built in the Traditional Makulu style makes this Edition extra special, It just makes you feel all weak in the knees and warm in the belly ... :)

This particular build ( 6.1 ) will be the last build for the 6 series, It just touches up a few spots that needed some shinning ... Hope you guys enjoy it ...Changes in 6.1 :


  • Fixed some issues with menu icons.
  • Post install script now gives far less user prompts, should be less annoying...
  • Fixed some annoying issues throughout the distro.
  • Fixed a nasty bug with missing mate panel after updates.



Simple fact is this Build was so awesome the first time around that there was not that much to fix, however I have fixed the little that was reported.

Grab your copy in the Mate section of the site, or click here.

Mate Panel Missing Bug

Posted by raymerjacque on April 20, 2014 at 7:30 AM Comments comments (6)

Seems that some packages from official mate repo and testing repo is conflicting and it removes the "mate-desktop-environment" package.


A really easy and simple "quick fix" is to do the following :


On desktop, right click and open Terminal and type the following commands :.


  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get install mate-desktop-environment


You may get some authentication messages, just enter yes and skip past those, it will patch 3mb and afterwards you type into terminal


  • sudo reboot



I am busy with Mate build 6.1, which i will be putting out soon, i will make sure this patch is fixed in the new build, the current users affected bu this bug, please just follow the simple instructions above.

I will patch this issue in Makulu Repo for those new users that install Mate 6 current version.

MakuluLinux Mate Imperium Edition Released !

Posted by raymerjacque on April 13, 2014 at 3:50 PM Comments comments (28)

MakuluLinux Mate 1.8 Imperium Edition 


The first release in our new 6 series dubbed "Imperium" ( Latin for "power to command" ), also our first Dual Mode Solo Mate Build. This release allows users to customize their settings and software upon installation, Now users can setup their desktop the way they want it with the software they want while still experiencing an "out of the box" Experience, those that don't want an out of the "box experience" will now have an option to turn the system into a "bare-bone" system with a few clicks. MakuluLinux Mate brings users the best of both worlds.


MakuluLinux Mate Edition features the following :


  • Based on Debian Testing
  • Mate 1.8
  • 3.13.x PAE Kernel
  • MakuluLinux Mate now has FULL Systemd support

MakuluLinux Mate sports all of the functionality that the 5 series offered, the major difference is that we have placed control into the users hands. The user can now switch animations, wallpaper changer, dock-bar on and off at will, install common everyday software with a few clicks... Manage repositories with a few clicks... Much of the use of the terminal has been removed in this release. 



Upon First boot after Installation, the user will be presented by the post install utility which will guide him through various settings easily, This will assist new comers to Linux to skip difficulty doing the basic necessities that are required after installation as well as allow them to easily customize the system, Advanced users will also appreciate the ease of being able to simply select an option and skip a series of tiring steps, the Utility is very automated requiring only user interaction when needed. 


The utility tends to the following tasks : 

  • Set repository location.
  • Update repositories.
  • System Updater with Gui Options
  • Full/Bare-bone System switcher
  • Turning animation on/off
  • Turning Wallpaper Changer on/off
  • Turning Dock-bar on/off
  • Updating drivers


New Apps in MakuluLinux Mate : 

  • Animation on/off utility has been added to the system menu
  • Makulu setup Utility has been added to the system menu
  • System Updater Utility with Gui Options
  • Wallpaper Settings utility
  • Repository repair utility has been added to system menu
  • Repository source generator has been added to system menu
  • Easy Password changers ( root and user )
  • Easy Application installer ( no more user interaction in terminal needed )
  • Easy Application remover ( no more user interaction in terminal needed )
  • Easy repository software search ( no more user interaction in terminal needed )

These new Utilities all written by me, are all Based in the favorites / System tools and other sections of the Menu, So make a point to look for them :)

MakuluLinux Mate Edition provides the same familiarity users had with the 5 series, but with far more control. It allows users to instantly turn the system into a bare-bone system with minimal software installed, allowing them to install all their own software while keeping the standard makulu look and feel. The user can now install, remove software without even touching the terminal, he can set his closest repository sources and even do a repository repair without touching the terminal. Running on an old system and don't have much ram, user can turn animation on/off, turn wallpaper on/off with a single click.. the power is now in your hands to easily customize your system.


MakuluLinux Installer : 

The installer has gone through its fourth upgrade, in the latest version user now has an easy install mode which will allow for a much smoother installation with far less user input required. Additionally the terminal window which mainly shows the files being copied to hard drive will now also show information on installation progress. The installer has also been split into 2 sections, after initial install upon first reboot user will be guide through a post setup utility which will guide him through setting up his desktop.


News Streaming :

We have upgraded the news streaming feature, instead of putting a document on the user's desktop ( something we saw in the survey allot of users did not like ), we have now linked the news to system start up. Meaning if their is a new news it will download it via standard updates, On the next reboot of the system, the user will be asked if he wants to read the news doc or not, so user now has a choice to read or ignore latest news. The same system is implemented for Important Info.


A lot of optimizations done throughout the distro, With animation, wallpaper changer and dock bar switched off Makulu Mate uses only around 200mb of ram, with all animation on, the ram usage sits at around 260mb of ram on idle, that is extremely low for a Mate edition considering everything implemented into this edition.


The drive/goal behind the 6 series is based on the user survey we conducted, it was clear that users wanted more control over the system, wanted easier navigation, a much simpler installer as well as the ability to have a trimmed down bare-bone version of makulu with the freedom to install their own software. This whole series is based on user wants and needs, As for this specific release of Makulu Mate, this was a personal battle i had to fight, I started work on this release over a year ago, initially this was going to be the first release of the 4 series, but with much work, many setbacks and frustration I had to put it on hold, This is not simply just a slap it together and put it out there... This release is probably responsible for half of the grey hair i started noticing over the last year, It is a personal score i had to settle, a project i refused to give up on and I hope the result will reflect the amount of work that went into this build.


I would like to thank everyone that took part in the survey, I have tried to balance all the requests while still maintaining a solid out of the box experience. Expect another survey in very near future...

I also want to thank all the testers, You guys were simply Awesome ! your feedback assisted me greatly, and even critical judgement s at times has guided me to make changes I probably would not have done other wise.


And Lastly i want to thank Les for letting us host a mirror of the ISO on the Australis server box.


[IMPORTANT] Please remember to enable PAE AND 3D Acceleration if you will be running this release in virtual-box.

I am extremely happy and proud of this release, it is the first time MakuluLinux has imprinted its own unique stamp on a build that was built based on feedback from its user base, it is also the first time we are actually doing our own thing and adding value to a distrobution in terms of originality. It is certainly a massive leap forward in the right direction, the end result is a very beautiful, yet powerful and very stable version of Debian Mate 1.8 which is unmatched anywhere on this planet !


Current Known bugs or issues : 

  • The latest Mozo Package in Debian Testing is broken, as a result the default Mate Menu editors are affected, this will hopefully be fixed with next mozo update from developer, However, We have added a Menu Editor in system tools that will allow you to edit your menu.
  • There are some themes that may conflict with repository or network applet, This i assume is due to limited GTK3 support, however this seems to only be affected with a handful of themes out of the vast majority available, therefore it is advised to tread carefully when installing or switching themes in mate.
  • Sometimes in Expert install mode it does not always change host name, this bug crept in in the final build of the image and since it only affects expert install ( meaning advanced users ) i would expect those users to not have any trouble changing host name after install. It is a bug i will fix, the fix simply wont be done in time for release. Easy mode install saves host name just fine.



Launcher Left

Launcher Right

File Browser

We hope you all enjoy this release, its been a lot of hard work in the making. You can grab your copy of MakuluLinux Mate Edition from bottom of this page  :

New Installer Changes

Posted by raymerjacque on March 22, 2014 at 9:10 AM Comments comments (7)

Iv'e made a Third revision to the installer for the new and upcoming Imperium series. From the information of the survey it was clear that some users struggled in certain areas of installation, so I have added a dual Install mode. Easy install and Expert install, the expert install is pretty much the same as it has always been, however the easy install mode now simplifies the install process quite a bit. 

The user in easy install mode now has 5 simple choices, the rest is automated, the choices are as follows :


  • Enter new hostname ( computer name )
  • Choose existing partition to use or create new partition.
  • Enter new Login and Real names
  • Change user Password ( optional )
  • Change root password. ( optional )

the partition once selected is automaticlly formated to ext4, the bootloader is automaticlly installed to MBR and the swap partition is automaticlly created, these functions happen in background and user need no interaction with computer.

If the user wants more control over install options, then he will need to use expert install mode which allows complete control over install options.

Here is a link to a video clip showing off the new installer options.


MakuluLinux Mate Edition Preview !

Posted by raymerjacque on March 21, 2014 at 5:50 PM Comments comments (15)

I have been keeping this Version a secret until now, Mostly because it has been a difficult version to build on, Mate is currently considered miles behind the the more popular of the desktop environments available out there, it doesnt even support GTK3 yet... However, Mate being my most favorite desktop environment, I saw this as a challenge that I just had to bite the bullet and make it work....

So now I present to you a preview video Clip on MakuluMate Test Build 1 of the Imperium series of releases. This video clip will show off some of the features we are also implementing into the upcoming Xfce Impreium release, However, this clip is about mate, not XFCE so I will keep the topic limited to Mate chat only.

Please take care to notice how smooth it runs, how fast it runs and how bloody awesome it looks for a GTK2 desktop :)

Here is the Video Clip Preview of MakuluMate :

Please feel free to comment below, All user input is important to us.

MakuluLinux Xfce 5 Release notes

Posted by raymerjacque on February 12, 2014 at 11:10 AM Comments comments (21)

MakuluLinux XFCE 5.0, built on a strong debian base, offers users not only stability and speed, but now also provides a much more effective modern "eye candy" animated desktop environment.


Pre-compiled with hundreds of themes and wallpapers, users can really take full advantage of configuring their desktop to their liking. Dual Menu's now allow users to either click bottom left of the desktop to make use of the familiar whisker menu or click bottom right and make use of the fancy mouse driven slingshot launcher. New features enable users to receive wallpapers, themes and icon packs and news without the need for any user interaction. MakuluLinux Xfce 5.0 is also the first release to show off the newly revamped Makulu Installer. 


Based on Debian Testing and Kernel : 3.12.x PAE enabled. 


Major Software changes : 

  • Gimp replaced by the latest version of mypaint 1.1
  • Wine 1.4.1 replaced by Wine 1.6.x
  • Tickr has been removed
  • Mintstick has been removed
  • XfceThemeManager has been removed


New software : 

  • Alienblaster
  • Compiz
  • Emerald
  • Screenlets
  • Iceweasel
  • Lots of Makalu Specific Packages


ALL software have been updated to latest versions, more than 500mb worth of updates and bug fixes applied throughout the distro. 


The following folders have been moved and a symlink has been added to their original

  • /home/user/.emerald <-> usr/share/.emerald
  • /home/user/Desktop <-> usr/share/Desktop

New Installer : 

As per user requests I have tried to incorporate easier navigation menu's, I have also included a configure Timezone, Locales and Keyboard. The new installer included with Makululinux now has a much easier to use step by step interface, users should no longer get lost in all the menu's and options, each menu now has a much more specific description to guide installation. However if new users do struggle, there is a easy to follow video guide on the desktop of live mode.


Create New User : 

Creation of additional user has been fixed, now when users create an additional user via the "user and groups" in the menu it will now change the new users desktop to the default Makulu settings from live mode and not default back to standard XFCE settings.


Interface : 

Fixed a issue where the user would set the panel to auto hide or move panel to top and the windows would show a gap in the bottom of the screen, this was a margin setting in workspaces which has been corrected. 


User Guide Icon : 

I have replaced the install guide with a user guide icon on desktop, this icon will not be removed after installation, simply because it points to the FAQ ( frequently asked questions ) part of the site and in the long run as the section fills up will be useful for new users to find their feet in linux. If you get stuck with anything, be it installation, changing user password, installing drivers or whatever the problem, check the user guide to see if there is a guide to your issue, if not post on the forum and i will make a guide to add to the section.


Dual Menu's : 

Dual Menu's now allow users to either click bottom left of the desktop panel to make use of the familiar whisker menu or click bottom right on the panel and make use of the fancy mouse driven slingshot launcher. Slingshot launcher is easy to navigate, is mouse driven and looks great. It runs very smooth with mouse scrolling and even sports a search function.

Compiz Animation : 

There is plenty animation offered in MakuluLinux Xfce 5.0, We have integrated both Compiz and Emerald into Makululinux XFCE edition. Compiz providing the pre-enabled animation ( Wobbly Windows, 3D Cube, Window Previews, Animated effects ) and emerald providing the beautiful window borders. Please note that setting your theme in XFCE theme manager will change the theme, but not the window borders, these are now controlled via Emerald theme manager. to use the cube simply hold CTRL+ALT and drag your screen left or right with your mouse pointer. Please bare in mind that now that compiz is pre installed the default window Manager and window Manager tweaks in control center will no longer work since the window manager is set to "Marco" by default now. This is not a bug !


Wallpapers, themes and icon packs : 

MakuluLinux XFCE edition now sports a total of 79 beautiful wallpapers at the users disposal, these range from abstract, architecture, nature, animated, wildlife, environment, cartoons and so forth, we have tried to cater for a wide variety of taste. Wallpapers are managed by "Variety Wallpaper changer" and are automatically changed every 1 hour. In addition users have more than 100 theme combinations and 10 Icon packs at their finger tips. Many themes have been updated, fixed and options have been much more refined. Unlike the previous version of Xfce, User must now use "Apearance" to change the default theme and not "Xfce Theme Manager".


Wallpaper and theme streaming : 

We have added a new feature to MakuluLinux XFCE that will allow us to send through new wallpaper and themes to user without the need for user interaction, New wallpapers and Themes will come through via the update manager and simply just show up in theme manager and background properties. These also include emerald themes.


Emerald themes :

Default path changed from /home/user/.emerald to /usr/share/.emerald, if you install custom emerald themes please make sure to install them to correct directory. Please do not edit directory structure or you will not receive theme updates automatically. there is a nice variety of themes included by default in emerald, More will be streamed through to user from time to time.


Repository : 

MakuluLinux repository now hosts a abundance of software found on no other debian repo, We specifically host software that is not available anywhere else or is extremely outdated on other repo's ( at the time of this article ). The repository will send through updates for software, any patches as well as stream through extra eye candy and even news to user desktops. I want to be clear, since i can hear some users already screaming "security risks ?", let me assure you, we use a secured signed repository, there is no security risks involved, anything that gets streamed to the users desktop is carefully selected or approved by me and since it comes through via the update manager the user has the ability to deselect the package.


SourcesList : 

sources list has been modified, MakuluLinux repo has been added. In addition the Debian repo's are now pointing to a re-director online script to search for the fastest mirror nearest your location to ensure top speed and availability. I have also added a “sources list editor” entry in the menu under the system tab that will allow you to open and edit your sourceslist with a single click.


News Streaming : 

Tickr will no longer stream news, News and important notes will now be sent via the update manager to the users desktop in notepad format, meaning after you do an update you might just find a file on the desktop labeled "Makulu News" or "important please read", this file you can read and then delete. Whenever there is news, or any important information we would like to send to the user, this is the method we will use, the updates may even be in the form of links, for example if there is a new teaser video, we may send you a html shortcut to your desktop. Please take note that if multiple users are created on a system, only the first initial user created apon installation will receive the news stream.


Back-porting : 

As of the 5 series, all wallpapers and themes will be backported to previous releases, what this means is when future version 6 and on-wards get released, wallpapers and themes will be automatically backported to previous versions without the need for user interaction. For version 4.4 users that wish to receive version 5 wallpapers and themes, you can find these in the synaptic package manager under "makuluwallpapersxfce" and "makuluthemesxfce" ( provided you have added makulu repository to your sources list ). XFCE 4.4 Users that want Compiz and emerald can grab it from the MakuluLinux repository.


Known Issues : 

Compiz settings manager, the text on some darker themes does not display. <-- This has been fixed, just run update manager on makulu and the fix will be applied.


There seems to be a bug with latest version of chromium that randomly freezes in virtualbox if 3D acceleration is enabled, this seems to affect certain virtual machines only and is only limited to virtualbox. If you are one of the effected just use "Chromium 4 vbox" in the internet catagory in your menu to run chromium.

Lastly : 

I consider every release of XFCE before this one a "Beta" release really, because for the first time since ive started this project I actually feel good about a release, I have alot more control with our own Repo, and I am finally in a place where my skills as a developer can show in my work in the way i want it to. that does not mean it is perfect, there is always room for improvement, It simply means that I deem this release ready for daily use and not simply a "testing" distro anymore.


The goal/drive behind MakuluLinux XFCE 5.0 was to enhance the user desktop experience, not simply just offer more themes and wallpapers but to enhance features as well, modernize the desktop, bring it more up to par with other environments and make the user feel good and proud of his XFCE desktop environment. One of Xfce's biggest flaws is that altho it is stable and fast, it doesn't offer much eye candy out the box and users that like eye candy are easily put off with its dullness and difficulty setting up the eye candy. We also wanted to get more involved with the users desktop experience in the 5 series of MakuluLinux, thus was born the idea to stream through content to users, with this new feature we can stream through via the update manager new themes, wallpapers, icons and even important sticky notes that we can place right on the users desktop. I have been chatting to some devlopers from other distro's and there has been talk of us possibly starting a monthly podcast and even these podcasts we can stream straight to the users desktop, the possibilities are endless. It is also the first time in history that something like this is even being done on a linux distribution to my knowledge, that alone makes all the work on this new distro worthwhile. To put it simply, I think we have now entered the Arena of the big leagues. On that note, I am Always open to ideas or suggestions on things users would like streamed to their desktops, as long as it is legal, if you have any suggestions on certain themes or found a awesome wallpaper you want to add to our collection please post it in the forums and if approved, I will do the rest. from here on out i would consider our distro's a true rolling release with us having full control of content, Users can expect allot of updates and interaction from developers.


I would like to end with a very big thank you to everyone involved in assisting me with this project.


To the guys at OLC, you guys are awesome, This build would not have been possible without your guidance and assistance, I very much appreciate everything you guys have done, you have made me feel welcome from the moment I entered your community and helped me so much when you didn’t have to. I highly recommend that makulu users pop into the OLC group via mumble and say hello to this awesome crowd.


To the refracta team, thank you for assisting me with the rewrite of the installer, very much appreciate your patience with me.

Finally to the users, You guys have given me valuable feedback and criticism that has allowed me to evolve and mature the project at a steady pace to what it is today, I thank you guys all for your support and patience, and remember to keep giving me your input, Makulu is built on the input of its user base and will continue to follow on that principle.

I apologize for the lengthy release notes, I really hope users enjoy this release, MANY hours of labor went into making this, and most of these features will be ported to the other builds which will be due soon ...

Grab your copy from our download section.

MakuluLinux Installer Final Build.

Posted by raymerjacque on February 7, 2014 at 4:40 AM Comments comments (0)

I have taken all user feedback and requests and written it into the Installer script. The final build is done and has been incorporated into the new XFCE build.

here is a video clip showing off the final version of the Installer :

Any feedback is welcomed.

MakuluLinux XFCE 5.0 Teaser

Posted by raymerjacque on February 2, 2014 at 3:25 PM Comments comments (5)

Iv'e been working hard on the new version of XFCE, and altho there is quite a few changes, I am not quite ready to show off everything that is under the hood just yet, I will however show off just some of the new eye candy and the sheer SPEED of the new version to leave your mouth waterring just a bit :)

Keep in mind i am running this in a virtualbox with 1Gb ram assigned and see how it moves ... 

So here is a little teaser video i made, click the link below to view :

If you think this video is cool, your'e in for a big surprise, weve been working on some cool new features for the new series :)

Release date : To be announced....

MakuluLinux installer

Posted by raymerjacque on February 2, 2014 at 4:55 AM Comments comments (5)

The new MakuluLinux Installer has been completed and will be implemented in the new 5 series of releases due soon. 

Changes in the installer :


  • No more Terminal - apart from entering the initial password to start the installer, the user will have no further interactions with the terminal, the terminal is there purely for observation/monitoring to see what is being installed on your system, all user interaction has been moved into the GUI.
  • There is only one mode for installation now, previously users were presented with novice and advanced modes, the installer has only one default mode now.
  • Previous the installer had a lot of unessecary options and steps that confused the novice users, these have been removed and the steps are now fewer and more straight to the point.
  • Menu's have been updated, instructions can be found on every menu popup window and they are much more straight to the point as well and guide the user to the most likely default options.
  • Bootloader options are now available by default on the installer, when user installs he will be asked where he would like the bootloader to be installed.


In a nutshell, the installer is now much easier to use, has less junk options and presents the user with usefull descriptions of what needs to be done. 

I have uploaded a youtube clip of the new installer that will be linked to the new guide, you can see it all in action at the link below :

New Installer video click this link :

Please feel free to leave any comments below.


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