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New Cinnamon control Panel...

Posted by raymerjacque on September 24, 2014 at 7:05 PM Comments comments (10)

Since the biggest problem with Cinnamon Debian at this stage is that the developers have not finished coding the control center. So in reality you have no easy way of setting power options, setting network options, setting tablet options, setting display options ( the list goes on ), only about half of their control center is functional. 

This left me no choice but to bite the bullet and code a new control center for MCDE ( Makulu Cinnamon Debian Edition ). Today I am basicly done with it, it is now fully functional and all modules working as intended. I must just make it pretty now ...

Here is a screenshot of the Makulu Center for MCDE :


Here is a direct Link to Full size image :

MakuluLinux Cinnamon Debian Edition Preview !

Posted by raymerjacque on September 24, 2014 at 7:15 AM Comments comments (8)
Well, i guess the secret is out, I have been working the last few months on a Cinnamon Edition based on Debian, it has not been easy since cinnamon debian is still marked as "unstable and incomplete" ... However, I have managed to make it fully functional....

Here is a sneak preview of the Alpha build that was just sent out to Testers, click the link below to view the video :

New Upcoming Release ...

Posted by raymerjacque on September 17, 2014 at 5:15 PM Comments comments (3)

Hey Guys, Firstly, I want to apologise for any absense over the last few months... I have been popping in from time to time, but just have not actively been posting much. I have had a really busy few months with Exams for some courses I have been attending as well as getting myself ready to leave SA for the next few years, With that said, I wanted to post some news of the new and upcoming 7 series of makulu.

Makulu has always been a nice "out of the box" and "eye candy" friendly os, however it suffers some serious issues in a few places, noticibly where installation and driver management are concerned. I have been spending quite a bit of time ( of any free time i have had ) addressing these issues, I want to make sure the new series is a breeze to install and that specially new users feel right at home from moment they click on the install button, the problem has always been the fact that debian is very limited in options where both areas are concerned and thus it is not an overnight process ... so please bare with me, The new series will be ready when it is ready, I know a lot of people are a tad impatient, but do keep in mind that I have to balance work / studies / social life and development on makulu. My studies are almost over and then i can use that extra time towards development, at this point i am using every free second i have. A release is not far off, i have made great progress thus far, the new series is worth the wait !

I will post more news when i have something ready to show off ...

MakuluLinux KDE 6.0 Released !

Posted by raymerjacque on June 22, 2014 at 2:45 PM Comments comments (8)

MakuluLinux KDE Edition Released


File Browser

The Long Awaited update to the KDE Edition is now over, Stability, Speed and Beauty is what drives this edition. This Edition is a special one for me because I worked on most of it while being extremely sick to the point where I could not walk, with nothing but a bed, laptop and time on my hands I went to work on this baby and this is the result.


Based on KDE 4.13.1 & Kernel 3.14.x PAE, Now also Fully supporting SystemD 


Complete overhaul of theming in the new Edition, far more consistant transparency in borders, panels, widgets, popup menu's. Background theme now uses the same standard theme the rest of Makulu Editions use, therefore you have this beautiful dark charcoal look... PLEASE NOTE : anyone wanting to change the theme need to change it for both user and root. 


Plenty Widgets, Themes, styles and colours have been added to this Edition allowing the user to customise the look easily to his own preference and taste with plenty choices at his finger tips.


Like the rest of the Makulu Editions KDE now sports a Dual Menu option, Offering a standard Lancelot Menu on the left, while sporting the scrolable homerun menu on the right. more menu's are available in the widgets gallery. 


This Edition now also has a Dual Folder layout on the desktop, one pointing to the users Home Folder, the other to /usr/share/custom, which currently has some useful shortcuts.


The custom Scripts written for Makulu Mate has been re-written to work with KDE, users from other editions can now enjoy the conitnued use of these utlities, here is a list : 

  • Easy Application installer
  • Easy Application remover
  • Quick Software Search
  • Quick One click Edit SourceList
  • Quick Sourcelist Generator
  • One Click Repository Repair
  • One Click System Updater
  • MakuluSetup ( Post Install Wizard ) 

Not only have these scripts been re-written, but have dropped Zenity and instead adopted the Yad interface for a cleaner, more controlled look and feel. 


Wallpaper changer in KDE has been removed and with it the daily desktop quotes, however I managed to still keep the sleek looking desktop clock widget, which is movable, so users can drag it anywhere on the desktop.


This version of KDE is a semi barebone system, with minimal software pre installed, this allows users to either install their own software of choice, or to install all the default Makulu Recommended software via the Post Install Wizard. 


Post Install Wizard has been rewritten to allow the user more freedom of choice, the user can simply tick or untick the choices and run only utilities of his choice. Release notes have also been added to the Post Install Wizard, allowing users that download from outside sources to be fully informed. 


Installer now sports a dual install method, allowing users to choose between the classic refracta based Makulu Installer, or the new visual installer. the classic installer is MUCH faster, but also much more manual. the Visual installer is slower but much more automated. 


This edition of KDE now sports the Patched Wine with full CMST support, this means that gaming performance in this version of wine has been boosted by a MASSIVE amount, users will notice a significant incrase in fps when gaming or using gfx related software. 


It is Fast, It is Rock Solid Stable, It is Beautiful and It runs Extrmely Smooth, the new MakuluLinux KDE edition is a force to be reckoned with, but more than that, as i mentioned earlier, the last while have been some of my darkest days, Woke up one morning with a simple back ache, few days later had some aching joints, another few days and i had difficulty walking, I wont go into too much detail about the experience, let's just say it has been something i never want to experience EVER again, I am better now after 2 back op's and lets just leave it at that. However, I spent much of my bed ridden time making this build, I was heavily medicated, in a lot of pain so ofcourse i could not sleep. I did the only thing i could to try get my mind off everything, I worked on KDE, which was my little world i would escape to when things got crazy. I hope the intensity and the sheer amount of work and effort i put into this build will show and that the users will enjoy this version, It is by far become one of my favorites, and I am not even much of a KDE fan...


I want to thank the testers and cooter for assisting me greatly to find and fix bugs, as mentioned i was mostly highly medicated, so i made a lot of errors along the way, the testers were quick to find them and let me know what to fix and where. You guys where also great at helping out on the forums. 

With all the downtime I experienced this last month and a bit, doctors bills surrounding me from all possible angles, I was not sure how the hell i was going to keep the website and repo box going... I asked the community to assist with that and I am happy and proud to take this oppertunity and say I see a few donations came through and those worries are off my shoulders now, So i just want to Thank the guys that donated, you really helped me out of a tight spot, it is much appreciated, and I dedicate this build to you !


Known Issues :

Sometimes after install, in dolphin it will show old and new home folder icons in places menu, if this hapens, simply right click the one that doesnt exist and remove it.

Grab your Copy in the KDE section or by clicking here !

Need some Assistance

Posted by raymerjacque on June 14, 2014 at 10:55 PM Comments comments (2)

Due to me being booked off for 2 weeks of this month, possibly more, most of it is unpaid leave and my doctor bills have piled up, I am going to have a really tough time over the next month.

I hate asking this, but if anyone out there could assist with keeping the repo box and website paid so as to not cause any downtime i would much appreciate it, i'd rather swallow my pride and ask than have users suffer downtime. I see there is no donations for the last 2 months which is fine because i normaly pay the repo box and the website, but this next month or two is going to be pretty damn tight for me, ive already pretty much drained my savings just paying doctor and hospital bills.

The repo box and website combined is $38 monthly, so anything anyone can spare would greatly be appreciated.

July will be tight as well, but after that i should be fine again.

some needed rest

Posted by raymerjacque on June 13, 2014 at 5:40 AM Comments comments (3)

Hey guys, I'm taking a few days rest, doctor found a growth in my back that is putting pressure on my spine. Don't worry its not cancer or anything. He's put me on some pretty strong antibiotics to treat it. But definitely become painful since he started proding and poking it. So I'm taking few days of bed rest, and at same time some much needed break from project to recharge my batteries. 

I should be back on my feet sometime next week and I'll continue work on Makululinux, for time being, cooter, testers and plenty experienced users that can answer questions on forums and assist new users.

MakuluLinux KDE 6.0 Preview.

Posted by raymerjacque on June 6, 2014 at 4:30 AM Comments comments (2)

I have made a little Preview video Clip of the Upcoming KDE 6.0.  Please excuse the quality of the background Audio, i made this clip on the go on my notebook.

All Comments and feedback are welcomed.

MakuluLinux Xfce 6.1 Released.

Posted by raymerjacque on June 1, 2014 at 5:40 AM Comments comments (10)

MakuluLinux Xfce 6.1 Released !

New Post Install Wizard

post install

post install 2

Compiz Window Manager


KWin ( Kde Window Manager )


Xfwm4 ( Xfce Window Manager


Click on Images to Enlarge !

I would like to start off by apologizing to everyone, starting with the release of version 6.0 of Xfce, we used a new experimental installer that was not very well tested and caused issues with some key areas in the installation process, as i understand a lot of users had problems with this build. I also want to apologize for my absense on the forums the last few days, but that is a good thing, not a bad thing.


My absense was due to me working around the clock this last week to repair the installer, rewrite the post install script, recode some elements which needed to be adapted to the new changes and fix bugs. I don't think i have ever worked so hard in my life or slept so little, I was determined to get version 6.1 out to the public within 7 days and have everything running smoothly, i think i did more than a months work in just little over 6 days. My lack of sleep was evident when a friend visited yesterday and asked if i was feeling well because i looked like a zombie and not in a good way ...


Version 6.0 brought about some crazy ideas of cool new features, but somehow things just went horribly wrong (which i dont want to go into great details about), it actualy ran ok on hardware but not so well in a virtual environment. Apon investigating i found that a lot of custom utilities i had written needed adapting. In many ways the disaster that was version 6 is probly one of the best things to happen to the project, because without failure, chaos and disaster there is no need for major change, and major change is exactly what inspired version 6.1


In version 6.1 I went back to the drawing board and have completely rewritten many parts of the installer, almost all of the post install wizard, as well as most of the custom Makulu Utilities. MANY, MANY lines of code later I was left with a far simpler interface for post install wizard which now does not navigate the user through 40 questions to setup their desktop anymore, but instead nicely and neatly presents the options in a single interface, all of which are optional to the user. The integration of 3 Window Managers into Xfce now also works faster, smoother and correctly initializes the Window Managers when the operating system boots up. I have also fixed quite a few nasty bugs that creeped into the OS in the last few testbuilds. The user should now experience a much smoother all round install and post install environment.


So I am choosing to look back at version 6.0 as a "Testbuild", because the quality was below what i would set for a public release build. Unfortunetly most of the scripts and bugs are part of the installer and the live boot mode of version 6.0, so there is really no way to patch it through to the user since a new user does not patch till after installation, so upgrading from 6.0 to 6.1 wont make much difference. Anybody that installed 6.0 will have to install 6.1 from scratch. I am sorry if anyone suffers any unpleasantness due to my failure, but i am only human afterall and i just spent a week in HELL trying to correct my mistakes. I don't want to give anyone the impression that I do not live up to commitments, If i screw up atleast you can have piece of mind that i will work twice as hard to recitfy any mistakes.


Known Issues :

While switching between 3 Window Managers is smooth and works like a charm most of the time, it is not yet 100% flawless, sometimes when switching window managers the system will fail to load window borders correctly, if this occurs Dont panic, not need to even reboot, simply log out and back in and everything should work as intended. This mostly seems to occur when switching to Kwin first time from Default Compiz. Everytime after this the system should display everything correctly.


So without further delay, I present to you version 6.1 of MakuluLinux Xfce, a True Master Piece created under a lot of pressure and caffiene ... and Hope this will redeem me in the eyes of any critics. Any reviewers out there, please avoid version 6.0 and focus any reviews on 6.1 instead. I hope you guys have a much smoother ride this time around. Now if you will excuse me, I am going to go sleep for about 3 days ....


Grab Your Copy of MakuluLinux Xfce 6.1 here. 

MakuluLinux Xfce 6.0 Released !

Posted by raymerjacque on May 26, 2014 at 10:35 AM Comments comments (16)

MakuluLinux Xfce 6.0


Is part of the series dubbed "Imperium" ( Latin for "power to command" ). Once again we focus not only on bug fixing, new features, but also putting the power into the user's hands, the main goal here was choice. To feature pack this edition and give the user Many choices that he can navigate with a simple few clicks. This is just one more step in enhancing the total out of box experience for the End user. MakuluLinux Xfce 6 continues to push boundaries in the linux world.


Installer : 

After Much consideration and input from users and suggestion from the tester team, I decided to try out a new Installer, I used the LMDE Template as a base and made a new installer for MakuluLinux. One that is much more user friendly and is more automated in some of the steps. However, due to auto detection and language packs it does take longer to install compared to the old one. The result is a beautiful Installer that is simple to navigate, offers both normal and Safe modes and will do most of the work for you. 

Please be AWARE : The Root Password gets changed on first bootup After installation, not during install process ! The installer only changes the user login password. The startup script that runs on first bootup still uses the password : makulu 

Animation : 

MakuluLinux Xfce now supports the Xfce, Compiz and Kwin Manager, ALL ready to use out of the box ! You can switch between the Window Managers easily with a few clicks by running the Animation shortcut in the Menu Launcher. Not only will the Window Manager change, but all the relevant settings shortcuts will be created with it in the menu, Meaning if you choose Kwin, then all the Kwin shortcuts will be created in the menu launcher that will allow you to configure Kwin, the same with Compiz / Emerald. Now you can enjoy your favorite Window Manager with a simple few clicks... I am sure Many are wondering why ? Why add both Compiz and Kwin when one works perfectly on its own ? Why add Kwin when it uses more resources ? The answer is quite simple, Why not ? We love to give the end user variety and options, when he gets tired of Compiz he can switch to Kwin with a click of a button... on older hardware ? simply click another button and all animation is off ... Choice is what it is all about, we want to cater for any hardware from old to new...


Randomized Theming : 

We have introduced Random theming in MakuluLinux Xfce 6, This feature changes the theme randomly everytime you reboot your computer, Much like the wallpaper changer does, it will align itself with your preferences of either "light or Dark" themes. This feature is easy to toggle on/off with a click of a button.


Startup Utility Ported and Modified : 

Upon First boot after Installation, the user will be presented by the post install utility which will guide him through various settings easily, This will assist new comers to linux to skip difficulty doing the basic necessities that are required after installation as well as allow them to easily customize the system, Advanced users will also appreciate the ease of being able to simply select an option and skip a series of tiring steps, the Utility is very automated requiring only user interaction when needed. The utility tends to the following tasks : 

  • Set Root Password
  • Set repository location.
  • Update repositories.
  • System Updater with Gui Options
  • Full/Bare-bone System switcher
  • Turning animation on/off
  • Turning Wallpaper Changer on/off
  • Turning Dock-bar on/off
  • Updating drivers

The following were also ported over from MakuluLinux Mate Edition : 

  • Animation on/off utility has been added to the system menu
  • Application Installer utility has been added to the system menu
  • Makulu setup Utility has been added to the system menu
  • System Updater Utility with Gui Options
  • Wallpaper Settings utility
  • Repository repair utility has been added to system menu
  • Repository source generator has been added to system menu
  • Easy Password changers ( root and user )
  • Easy Application installer (no more user interaction in terminal needed )
  • Easy Application remover (no more user interaction in terminal needed)
  • Easy repository software search ( no more user interaction in terminal needed )

Hardware and Driver Support Added : 

ACPI Support Able To : 

  • Detect loss and gain of AC power, lid closure, and the press of a
  • number of specific buttons (on Asus, IBM, Lenovo, Panasonic, Sony
  • and Toshiba laptops).
  • Suspend, hibernate and resume the computer, with workarounds for
  • hardware that needs it.
  • On some laptops, set screen brightness.
  • Support to the special features of Asus Eee PC series of
  • laptops. These include sleep (suspend) and hotkeys such as wireless,
  • brightness, mute, volume, video output toggle and the 'soft' keys available in
  • some models.
  • Enabled owners of Toshiba laptops to change the LCD brightness,
  • control, the internal fan and use the special keys on their keyboard
  • (Fn-x combinations, hot-keys). The internal functions will give the
  • possibility to map the Fn-Keys to functions like volume up/down, mute,
  • suspend to disk, suspend to ram and switch LCD/CRT/TV-out. These
  • functions heavily depend on the system and/or kernel configuration.
  • You will need at least a kernel (v2.4.x, v2.5.x, v2.6.x) with ACPI and
  • Toshiba support (CONFIG_ACPI and CONFIG_ACPI_TOSHIBA).
  • Dell laptops fan controll, turn the fan on and off, to read fan
  • status, CPU temperature, BIOS version and to handle the volume buttons
  • and Fn-keys.
  • Utility to change the laptop LCDs backlight from
  • a command line. The brightness can be adjusted in steps
  • for Compaq Armada family of laptops (E300, M500, M700). 


Popcorn-Time : 

Popcorn-Time is a Live Video streaming alternative to Netflix, it streams Torrents live in video Format, so you can watch virtually any video anytime for Free ! However, this may be illegal in some countries and Banned/Blocked by some ISP's, therefore the usage of this program is at the user's discretion, we will not be held responsible for any wrong doing on your part. 


Choice : 

We have ported all the custom tools over from MakuluLinux Mate Edition to Xfce, this means the user now has all the awesome choices and customizations in Xfce that they had in Mate, We have also added new features to Xfce, there is now plenty variety and choice at the users finger tips, without even installing a single app or editing a single config, this distro will already offer more than any other operating system in the world.


This is it folks, this is what you guys have been waiting for the last few months, I hope it lives up to the hype and sets a new standard for all distributions. A lot of hard work has gone into this Edition, MANY MANY sleepless nights, and every minute was well worth it !


Just want to Thank all the testers that assisted in making sure that the bugs always stayed to a minimum.


[IMPORTANT] Please remember to enable PAE AND 3D Acceleration if you will be running this release in Virtualbox.

Known Issues :


  • Sometimes the network does not connect to Wifi the first time you link it, if this happens simply right click network icon, choose edit connections, go to Wifi security tab and enter Wifi password. save and close, now you can select the connection and it will auto connect after reboots.
  • The animation script can sometimes be picky after first bootup, if your animation does not display properly, simply run the "animation on/off" shortcut in favorites menu again, that should fix it.


Grab your Copy ( Click Here ! )

Makulu Repository Update

Posted by raymerjacque on May 10, 2014 at 12:40 AM Comments comments (7)

Latest Changes in MakuluLinux Repository :

  • Updated - Flareget to version 3.1.36
  • Added - FuriusISO - ISO mount application
  • Added - Tixati - Torrent Client
  • Added - Istanbul - Desktop Session Recorder
  • Added - Foxit PDF Reader
  • Added - Device Driver Manager ( now hosted on Makulu Repo )
  • Added - Mintupdate-Debian ( Now hosted on Makulu Repo )
  • Added - Teamviewer 9
  • Added - Spotify

This is only the first change of many to the Makulu Repository, Now that we have settled into our routines the Repository will receive more focus. The above additions of applications to repo was mostly requested in our Online survey, feel free to add any additional requests in comments below and i will see what i can do.


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