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MakuluLinux KDE 4.0 is now Live !

Posted by raymerjacque on December 12, 2013 at 9:05 AM

MakuluLinux is proud to present the release of KDE as you've never experienced it before. Based on PEA kernel 3.11.2, KDE 4.11.x and a brand new installer, speed, stability and a smooth user friendly experience is what you will get from MakuluLinux KDE Edition. Sporting a traditional look and feel much like our other releases, our users will fall right in with the upgrade to version 4.0 with the exception of a few new features.


As of version 4 we now use a rss feeder to stream important information to the users desktop, this feeder can at any point be turned off or on by the user, this feeder will stream through important updates, bug information, and even information about major events in the linux world. this feeder will be incorporated into the new build of XFCE and any future builds Makululinux releases, it is important to us that we keep our users informed at all times on any information they need to know.


The Theming in KDE 4.0 is the same GTK based Theme and icon set we incorporated into XFCE 4.3 to keep familairity across environments, however we did not supply an ubundance of themes and icons sets due to KDE having the ability to download new themes from inside the apreance menu with a click of a button. The Launcher menu is also the more traditional menu that many users will feel more at ease using.


Much of the software installed has been ported from XFCE into KDE ( including steam and wine ) with the exception of some native KDE software that works better than third party apps. As with the release of XFCE, the KDE series will not be marked as Alpha, Beta or RC, we will simply only release a new version in the series if any reported bugs are so severe that require a new build to be made. In which case the users of the current build will recieve this information via the rss feeder on their desktop.


As always we hope this release lives up to expectations, Our goals are always to bring our own look and feel to the linux world and while it is still work in progress and the project takes on a life of its own, we would like to thank everyone that has assisted us to make this possible.


The australis crew : Thanks for always helping a lending hand when needed and sharing knowledge and information freely, its been a real pleasure getting to know you guys and working side by side with you, your friendship is a trusted and valued one.


The refracta team : Thank you for the building tools and this great installer that just gets better and better with every release, after remastersys went down it seemed that dark times were ahead, yet you rescued us from that darkness, your installer is a master piece which im sure will become well known in the linux world :)


Les : Thank you for offering free hosting, it is always a very pleasant surprise when working on a free project with limited budget when people come out of the blue and offer something that may seem so little to them, but to a project like this it is litterally a much needed lifeline while it finds its own legs to stand on, so thank you for that.


Distrowatch : Thank you for the exposure you have given us, advertising is something that can be extremely expensive as well as cripple alot of development time, the space you have opened for us to allow us the freedom to develop while still getting the exposure to grow and make our mark on websites world wide is very much appreciated, we will in turn keep working hard and make sure we are worthy of that space.


To our users : I want to thank everyone who sent alot of positive feedback, some via the forums, some via discussion boards, most via emails, it is always a nice feeling when someone compliments your work, many days when i have been frustrated to the point where i want to throw my computer through a window, such compliments have made me push through frustation until issues were resolved.


As with all our releases this build has been tested and used on a daily basis until it was deemed fit for public release, this does not mean it has no bugs, it simply means we havnt found any beyond the testing phaze, should you find any bugs please do report them on our forums so we may address any problems with swiftness.


We wish everyone a safe holiday, a merry christmas and a happy new year ! You can grab your copy of MakuluLinux KDE edition in the download section, this release is now officially launched :)

Requirements for this edition to run smoothly :


  • PAE enabled CPU ( recommended Dual Core CPU )
  • 1GB Ram minimum ( Recommended 2Gb or higher )
  • GFX card capable of running 800x600 Resolution and DX9 support.
For those doing reviews in virtualbox, please make sure you assign enough memory, KDE runs fast and smooth, but lets face it, it is not XFCE and therefore requires at least 1GB ram to run smoothly, In virtualbox i would recommend more. And pls dont forget to enable PAE in virtualbox settings...


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Reply John
8:25 AM on December 13, 2013 
Please - do a Gnome version!
Reply raymerjacque
10:09 AM on December 13, 2013 
John says...
Please - do a Gnome version!

im going to do Cinnamon, Mate and gnome versions, just not sure which will be released in what order :)
Reply Rodrigo
1:05 PM on December 13, 2013 
gave to use graphic environment zorin OS?
Reply raymerjacque
7:37 PM on December 13, 2013 
Rodrigo says...
gave to use graphic environment zorin OS?

Sorry i dont understand what you mean ?
Reply Moggy
5:36 PM on December 14, 2013 
Hi Ray can you make mention that you end to enable PAE in Virtualbox
Reply raymerjacque
11:27 PM on December 14, 2013 
Moggy says...
Hi Ray can you make mention that you end to enable PAE in Virtualbox

done, and thnx for pointing that out :)
Reply testuser
3:51 PM on December 15, 2013 
PAE? what the hell?
DirectX9? what the hell?
KDE with GTK Theme? What the hell?
Reply raymerjacque
3:58 PM on December 15, 2013 
testuser says...
PAE? what the hell?
DirectX9? what the hell?
KDE with GTK Theme? What the hell?

PAE = Physical Address extensions
DX9 because we have wine pre installed
GTK theme - Youll see ...

lol. why dont you test it first before you start throwing comments like that around, everything has a purpose i promise you :)

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