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Makulu XFCE 4.3 Released.

Posted by raymerjacque on November 28, 2013 at 3:20 AM

Release Notes :


Makululinux 4.3 is the final build in the XFCE 4 series. In simple terms, apart from alot of bug fixes and optimizations, you get more of everything, more apps, more games, more themes, more icon sets, more wallpapers, more of everything ... Based on PAE kernel 3.11.2, now sporting a more refined and polished look and using a new installer, Makulu 4.3 really is just bigger and better in all departments ...



  • Complete new installer used for 4.3, now with novice and advanced modes for users to go wild with.
  • New installer supports encryption
  • Added option to make Live image on USB drive directly from live desktop.
  • Fixed Scripts gui, apps like winetricks should work properly now.
  • Replaced Libre Office with Kingsoft Office ( requested by many users ).
  • Fixed user reported issues with theme, menu, icons and dependancies.
  • Added support for laptop Touchpad buttons to be "enabled" by default even at login screen.
  • Added better audio volume controls.
  • Added Screenshot app.
  • Added Backup Utlitiy.
  • Root re-enabled in Live mode
  • Fixed various misc problems throughout the distro.
  • Lots of Optimisations throughout the distro.
  • Reduced size of Distribution by almost 300mb.
  • New Wallpaper selection available to users.
  • Updated latest Updates on the distro.
  • New Themes, Controls, Icons and Mouse cursors added
  • Switched to Original default theme for release.
  • Increased bootup speed and login speed.
  • Added Disk Management utlity app
  • Added E book reader
  • Added system info App ( hardware/software )
  • Added Help Menu's to Grub Live-bootup.
  • Added localisation support.
  • Added Change Language option in menu
  • Added XFCE Theme Manager
  • Added XFCE Compisite Manager
  • Updated Kernel to 3.11.2
  • updated sphere icons set to 1.3
  • Added Boot-Repair option to distro.
  • Added playonlinux
  • Added Flobopuyo
  • Added Frets on fire
  • Added Gbrainy
  • Added Neverputt
  • Added Teeworlds
  • Added Imagemagik
  • Added DesktopNova
  • Added Google Gadgets


Currently MakuluLinux 4.3 has 33 themes, 122 window borders, 122 controls, 15 Icon Sets, 39 cursors and 34 wallpapers. Allowing users complete flexibility and freedom to change the look as they please....

I would like to thank the Australis team for all the assistance they have given me over the last year, these are a great bunch of guys that are always friendly, always assisting others and just fun to be around !

I also want to thank Les for providing Hosting for the ISO image

I Also want to thank distrowatch for listing us.

And lastly i want to thank the Refracta Team for making a great installer and putting up with all my crap and assisting to get such a great installer incorporated into Makulu, really appreciate the effort.

You can grab your Copy from Our download section now !

Please report any feedback / bugs in the forums.

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Reply Helmut
6:12 PM on November 28, 2013 
I can't find a checksum (Hash) nor MD5,SHA1, or SHA256!
Latest since July 2013 should this be a standard. As long
as this is not provided i will run Makulu Linux in a sandbox.
Don't take that as evil ,it is only because security matters.
Reply raymerjacque
2:11 AM on November 29, 2013 
it is in the download section right below the download links.... its been there for the last 3 releases.

SHA1 - 357c201ae2b10776c044c1ac0b21650c25
MD5 - 1a77756d7cadf7a479571174ed08e017
Reply Helmut
2:00 PM on November 29, 2013 

raymerjacque says...
it is in the download section right below the download links.... its been there for the last 3 releases.

SHA1 - 357c201ae2b10776c044c1ac0b21650c25
MD5 - 1a77756d7cadf7a479571174ed08e017

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