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Makulu Repository Update

Posted by raymerjacque on May 10, 2014 at 12:40 AM

Latest Changes in MakuluLinux Repository :

  • Updated - Flareget to version 3.1.36
  • Added - FuriusISO - ISO mount application
  • Added - Tixati - Torrent Client
  • Added - Istanbul - Desktop Session Recorder
  • Added - Foxit PDF Reader
  • Added - Device Driver Manager ( now hosted on Makulu Repo )
  • Added - Mintupdate-Debian ( Now hosted on Makulu Repo )
  • Added - Teamviewer 9
  • Added - Spotify

This is only the first change of many to the Makulu Repository, Now that we have settled into our routines the Repository will receive more focus. The above additions of applications to repo was mostly requested in our Online survey, feel free to add any additional requests in comments below and i will see what i can do.

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Reply Uncle Albert
8:03 PM on May 9, 2014 
I am glad to see Foxit PDF reader added. It has been my chosen pdf app for a long time. I really like the recent MATE edition-awesome! Now I have to decide between Enlightment & Mate! Even more difficult is the decision to install makulu on my Acer netbook. It is now using the Insyde boot software and I am not sure if it will work with makulu in either dual boot or stand alone makulu.
Reply c00ter
12:07 AM on May 10, 2014 
Cool beans! :)
Reply killbubble
1:06 PM on May 19, 2014 
well it's been a while since i've checked makulu news, but i'm SO pleased to see we have tixati in our repos!! it really is a great bittorrent client!
And also furiusISO mount is a must have, thank you!
Reply Jeff
1:16 AM on May 21, 2014 
Jeff says...
There is a program mint has available for there cinnamon addition called Hot Corners That they use for view and expo and whatever else which I would'nt mind seeing available in the repos are if time permits set up in the next Makulu release. And I was wondering is there a stack or stacker program or applet available for Linux other then the one that comes with the Cario Dock? A stacker applet or program being something that would allow you to put short cuts to all your say games or office programs in one folder and pin it to your desktop. Being able to see what's in a folder or on your task bar just by highlighting it would be kind of cool to. I know Your on time restraints. the above are just some cool additions and useful tools for consideration. Thanks for your consideration I look forward to the next release.
Reply Jeff
11:27 AM on May 21, 2014 
I forgot to mention snap to grid Like in Mint Cinnamon are windows 7 or 8. I'm In a hurry so I will cut this message off Er I mean short. Thanks.
Reply raymerjacque
2:06 PM on May 21, 2014 
Jeff says...
I forgot to mention snap to grid Like in Mint Cinnamon are windows 7 or 8. I'm In a hurry so I will cut this message off Er I mean short. Thanks.

After this build goes live on monday i will dig around and see what i can find on these apps, since they are ubuntu based i may have to track down source and compile them on debian :)
Reply raymerjacque
7:20 AM on May 25, 2014 
List been updated, I have added Teamviewer 9 and Spotify to the Makulu Repo's :)

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