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Makulu Linux donations.

Makulu Linux is a free Project, Everyone working on this project does so in their spare time, no one on this project is paid, the site, forums, filehosting and everything else is paid out of our pockets. We do not demand money, neither do we make this project for money.

However the costs of sustaining a project like this long term can get extreme, No one is obligated to donate, however if you are satisfied with the product and wish to contribute to the running costs and keeping us in business we would greatly appreciate it.

All donors will be listed on the site, unless they choose not to be.

Started: October 27, 2013
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Donations are always welcome, A LOT of hard work goes into this project and there are things that does cost money on a monthly basis ( website, repo server, apps and dev tools ). Feel free to donate to our cause if you wish to do so, we greatly appreciate all the support given by users...

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  1. Anonymous - $141.00
  2. Brian - $100.00
  3. mojo - $ 67.09
  4. Gyp_D - $ 40.00