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Makulu Linux is a free Project, Everyone working on this project does so in their spare time, no one on this project is paid, the site, forums, filehosting and everything else is paid out of our pockets. We do not demand money, neither do we make this project for money.

However the costs of sustaining a project like this long term can get extreme, No one is obligated to donate, however if you are satisfied with the product and wish to contribute to the running costs and keeping us in business we would greatly appreciate it.

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Goal: $1500.00 | Raised: $540.00 Started: February 7, 2017
Ends: December 12, 2017
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This project has suffered financially for a while now. I've been working hard on the coding side of things, but its time i bring the website up to speed and build a cashflow again. Thousands of downloads a week, no donations and it cannot continue like this, Therefore i am starting this campaign in the hopes of raising some funds, every time the goal is reached for fund raising, i will release a Build. Until then, i will continue to work in private and keep teasing with Videos :)

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