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  1. Is there an installation guide to assist me with install ?

    Here is a Full Video Install guide :

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System Requirements

  1. What are the system Requirements for Makulu ?

    • A 32-bit PAE-enabled x86 processor
    • 512 MB RAM (1GB recommended for a comfortable usage).
    • 8.5 GB of disk space ( Recommended )
    • Graphics card capable of 800×600 resolution
    • CD/DVD drive or USB port
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Staff and Employment.

  1. I love this project, I have skills, how can i get involved and contribute ?

    Currently I Am the only developer on the project, but i work closely with the guys from OLC and they assist me greatly in the project. 

    If you have any skills that you think can assist with development of this project then please feel free to contact me, drop me an email at :

    skills can range from Bash Script writer, Graphic designer ( wallpapers or icons ), Tool maker ( programmer ), Forum moderator, Package management, Marketing ( getting the distro more publicity ), video designing skills ( making youtube videos, doing reviews etc ) and so forth, the list goes on.

    This is a free project and as such I dont get paid, so contributors would also not get paid, if you can live with that then by all means drop me a mail and you can be part of something magical :)

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  1. Nvidia,ATI and Intel GFX Driver Installation

    First, it seems that kernel 3.12.x has issues installing nvidia drivers via driver manager ( have not tested ati but assume the same problem exists ). Therefore i recommend that if you own a nvidia or ATI card that you install kernel 3.10.3 PAE. then reboot from kernel 3.10.3 and run the device driver manager install your driver, then reboot back into 3.12.x and remove kernel 3.10.3

    You can install the kernel via synaptic package manager, just search for linux headers and linux image and mark 3.10.x  ( make sure you select the PAE one ).

    Device Driver Manager should detect and install your GFX card, it is included in Makulu, However, if your card is not detected then Here is a Guide to follow for Manual installation :

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  1. How do i create a desktop shortcut/launcher ?

    Makulu Version 5 and onwards uses a different method for creating shortcuts and launchers on the desktop, follow this video guide :

  2. How do i change wallpapers and themes ?

    Here is a simple video guide to changing wallpapers and themes. this guide is for Version 5.0 and onwards of XFCE.

  3. I am new to Makulu, is there any guide to show me around ?

    I have made this very useful video guide to show new users around makululinux XFCE version 5.

  4. Missing Text on my Compiz settings Manager

    In terminal type : sudo leafpad /usr/share/pyshared/ccm/

    Find this line...

    ret = super (PrettyButton, self).do_expose_event (self, event) 

    and replace with this line... 

    ret = gtk.Button.do_expose_event (self, event) 

    Save and exit and reboot your machine.

  5. I cant set virtual desktops in Makulu Xfce 5, please help !

    Compiz now controlls virtual desktops, see this thread on how to do it :

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  1. FlashPlayer is not working, how to fix this ?

    open terminal, type su to get root privaleges, then type in : apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree,  after installation reboot pc and flash will work.

  2. How to Setup Wine for Gaming ?

    To Setup wine for gaming follow the instructions below 

    • Download the Pre Configured Wine from Download section.
    • Enable "show hidden files/folders in your file browser ( CTRL+H )
    • Extract the downloaded file to your Home directory.
    • Overwrite any existing files and folders.
    • Restart your PC ( IMPORTANT )
  3. How to Persistance USB install ?

    A user posted this guide he found on LinuxMint that works :

  4. How do I setup Autologin ?

    Makulu uses MDM display manager, go to Menu->System-> Login Window, if you open that and go "auto login" tab, you can select the user to autologin at startup.

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  1. How do I add the MakuluLinux Repository to my distro ?

    Just click this link and follow instructions, it even has a video guide :

  2. I get get errors when i try update repositories please help.

    Repositories may from time to time go down for few mins or even hours, it is known to happen, your choices are to wait a bit and try update again or to choose a different mirror. If you are get Hash mismatch errors then try the following :

    Type the following into terminal : 

    • su
    • apt-get clean
    • rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/*
    • rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/partial/*
    • apt-get clean
    • apt-get update
    • apt-get upgrade

     This should fix the problem. ( you may need to run these commands a few times to flush the repository lists ).

    if you are getting a different error refer to this page and see if your problem is solved :

    if not, post your problem there please.

  3. Ive messed up my sourceslist, what are the default repositories ?

    the default repositories for Makululinux are listed in the url below :

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