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Finally successfully installed Makulu on my Samsung NP-NC10 netbook today.  The main problem I ran into at first, after logging in as "Makulu" was that the usual password didn't seem to work for the sudo password needed for the initial command line of the live install process.  

The problem turned out to be the default NumLock that occurs AFTER the initial login.  The netbook has a small keyboard with the number keys integrated into the keyboard with the letters.  With NumLock on, typing letters on much of the right side of the keyboard actually produces numbers instead.  I kept getting "incorrect password" messages until I realized what the problem was.  To avoid this problem, it might be a good idea for the NumLock to NOT be the default on the live DVD.

Other than that initially perplexing problem, all has gone well and I've successfully installed GIMP and Libre Office using Synaptic Package Manager.  I'm impressed with this distribution and think that Makulu Linux will go far!  If it gets a little more user friendly for the average user, it could be a tempting alternative in the near future for those who don't want to upgrade their WinXP computers when XP is no longer supported.  

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I agree! Had same issue with Dell Laptop and Acer Laptop..... both had Numlock Key default.....   I'm replacing my XP Pro with this.... its fast, fun, and has stability with updates and alterations.... i have it on an AMD 64 bit single core processor at 1.6 gig w/ 2gig memory..... 

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There is a warning on the tickr news feeder that tells users to check their numlock status on certain netbooks and notebooks if they have problems with install passwords. 

Im glad you figured it out and hope it lives up to expectations :)


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