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E17 - Enlightenment

MakuluLinux is Proud to Announce the first release of our E17 Build, Run Enlightenment like never seen before. Based on Debian Testing and Kernel 3.12.x, its fast, its stable and offers plenty eye candy. Sporting a Traditional Layout, Lots of preloaded themes, Wallpapers and Applications. Users will find this build much easier to navigate than most Enlightenment builds out there ...

This started out as one of my least favorite builds, Enlightenment on the surface is very pretty, fast and lightweight, but it suffers from a lot of vicious bugs, specially with compatibility to integration of other DE's, the lack of root commands, a flawed d-bus system, a basic file manager, terminal and no descent menu management system and an extremely chaotic and awkward settings panel. I put a lot of hard work into this build, there were many nights i simply wanted to throw this build into recycle bin and move on to greener pastures. I certainly understand fully why not many developers make E17 environments, it is a LOT of hard work and frustration with very little documentation available to assist, For heaven sake, i even had to rewrite half the installer script just for this build... I'm glad i stuck it out, I managed to take this flawed Desktop and turn it into something usable while adding some features that were seriously lacking. 

To bring any kind of order to the menu system i had to integrate the Gnome/XFCE menus system into Enlightenment, not quite as easy as you might think...

I integrated the XFCE file manager into E17 to bring stability to the file managing side of things as well as keep the speed factor a priority and adding the ability to use custom commands and root options offered by the Thunar File manager.

For eye candy I blended a mixture of E17 themes and GTK themes to give that all round smoothness effect.

E17- Enlightenment Edition Release Notes :


  • E17 with Gnome Menu system and XFCE file management integration.
  • Kernel : 3.12.x Debian Testing Rolling Release
  • Traditional Layout.
  • Uses Thunar as default File manager.
  • Integrated Gnome/XFCE menu system.
  • Used a mixture of E17 and GTK Theme system.
  • Used the default Buuf Icons set that is offered standard on all our builds.
  • Nice selection of wallpapers and themes.
  • News feed reader added to bring latest makulu news to your desktop.
  • Quite a variety of applications pre-installed for daily use.
  • Variety of screen savers for users to make use of.
  • Wine and steam Pre-installed and ready to use.
  • Lots of Bug fixes throughout the system.
  • Lots of optimizations throughout the system.


This is the First E17 Build produced by Makulu, however it is part of the version 4 release series and as such is marked version 4.0. I hope this build pleases all the E17 lovers out there ...

Grab your copy below

MakuluLinux E17 Enlightenment Download

Live Mode User-name : makulu , Password : makulu  

Root Password : makulu 


Download Makulu E17 4.0 - Direct Link   

Download Makulu E17 4.0 - GoogleDrive Link 

Download Makulu E17 4.0 - Sourceforge Link  

Download Makulu E17 4.0 - Mega Link  


SHA1 - 0260c35ac7123fb172d95421583b0b85fa3ae3b7

MD5 - 3fc9e137731c5f8a5b23e5ad1d713b0c


Having Issues installing ? then follow this little : video guide  

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