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  • Debian Based, Testing, Rolling release
  • Kernel : 32bit PAE 3.14.x 
  • Desktop environment : KDE 4.13.x               

MakuluLinux KDE 6.0 Overview


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The Long Awaited update to the KDE Edition is now over, Stability, Speed and Beauty is what drives this edition. This Edition is a special one for me because I worked on most of it while being extremely sick to the point where I could not walk, with nothing but a bed, laptop and time on my hands I went to work on this baby and this is the result. 


Based on KDE 4.13.1 & Kernel 3.14.x PAE, Now also Fully supporting SystemD 



Complete overhaul of theming in the new Edition, far more consistant transparency in borders, panels, widgets, popup menu's. Background theme now uses the same standard theme the rest of Makulu Editions use, therefore you have this beautiful dark charcoal look... PLEASE NOTE : anyone wanting to change the theme need to change it for both user and root. 


Plenty Widgets, Themes, styles and colours have been added to this Edition allowing the user to customise the look easily to his own preference and taste with plenty choices at his finger tips. 


Like the rest of the Makulu Editions KDE now sports a Dual Menu option, Offering a standard Lancelot Menu on the left, while sporting the scrolable homerun menu on the right. more menu's are available in the widgets gallery. 


This Edition now also has a Dual Folder layout on the desktop, one pointing to the users Home Folder, the other to /usr/share/custom, which currently has some useful shortcuts. 


The custom Scripts written for Makulu Mate has been re-written to work with KDE, users from other editions can now enjoy the conitnued use of these utlities, here is a list : 

  • Easy Application installer
  • Easy Application remover
  • Quick Software Search
  • Quick One click Edit SourceList
  • Quick Sourcelist Generator
  • One Click Repository Repair
  • One Click System Updater
  • MakuluSetup ( Post Install Wizard ) 

Not only have these scripts been re-written, but have dropped Zenity and instead adopted the Yad interface for a cleaner, more controlled look and feel. 


Wallpaper changer in KDE has been removed and with it the daily desktop quotes, however I managed to still keep the sleek looking desktop clock widget, which is movable, so users can drag it anywhere on the desktop.


This version of KDE is a semi barebone system, with minimal software pre installed, this allows users to either install their own software of choice, or to install all the default Makulu Recommended software via the Post Install Wizard.


Post Install Wizard has been rewritten to allow the user more freedom of choice, the user can simply tick or untick the choices and run only utilities of his choice. Release notes have also been added to the Post Install Wizard, allowing users that download from outside sources to be fully informed. 


Installer now sports a dual install method, allowing users to choose between the classic refracta based Makulu Installer, or the new visual installer. the classic installer is MUCH faster, but also much more manual. the Visual installer is slower but much more automated.


This edition of KDE now sports the Patched Wine with full CMST support, this means that gaming performance in this version of wine has been boosted by a MASSIVE amount, users will notice a significant incrase in fps when gaming or using gfx related software. 


It is Fast, It is Rock Solid Stable, It is Beautiful and It runs Extrmely Smooth, the new MakuluLinux KDE edition is a force to be reckoned with, but more than that, as i mentioned earlier, the last while have been some of my darkest days, Woke up one morning with a simple back ache, few days later had some aching joints, another few days and i had difficulty walking, I wont go into too much detail about the experience, let's just say it has been something i never want to experience EVER again, I am better now after 2 back op's and lets just leave it at that. However, I spent much of my bed ridden time making this build, I was heavily medicated, in a lot of pain so ofcourse i could not sleep. I did the only thing i could to try get my mind off everything, I worked on KDE, which was my little world i would escape to when things got crazy. I hope the intensity and the sheer amount of work and effort i put into this build will show and that the users will enjoy this version, It is by far become one of my favorites, and I am not even much of a KDE fan...


I want to thank the testers and cooter for assisting me greatly to find and fix bugs, as mentioned i was mostly highly medicated, so i made a lot of errors along the way, the testers were quick to find them and let me know what to fix and where. You guys where also great at helping out on the forums. 

With all the downtime I experienced this last month and a bit, doctors bills surrounding me from all possible angles, I was not sure how the hell i was going to keep the website and repo box going... I asked the community to assist with that and I am happy and proud to take this oppertunity and say I see a few donations came through and those worries are off my shoulders now, So i just want to Thank the guys that donated, you really helped me out of a tight spot, it is much appreciated, and I dedicate this build to you !


Known Issues :

Sometimes after install, in dolphin it will show old and new home folder icons in places menu, if this hapens, simply right click the one that doesnt exist and remove it.

MakuluLinux KDE Edition  Download

Live Mode User-name : makulu , Password : makulu  

Root Password : makulu 


Download Makulu KDE 6.0 - Direct Link   

Download Makulu KDE 6.0 - Direct Link 2 

Download Makulu KDE 6.0 - Sourceforge Link  

Download Makulu KDE 6.0 - GoogleDrive Link 

MD5 : b53c098cd686890813c7f8aefcfc0a31

SHA1 : b37714745f59950a6074e5a75631e26e00dc7569 


I Just want to thank Les and Frank for hosting download links for us ! 


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