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MakuluLinux LinDoz 12 Beta 1.92

Beta 1.92 Build Information :



Requirements : 


  • Requires a 64Bit capable CPU
  • Recommended : 1Gb ram +
  • Any Modern Graphics will do.
  • Requires at least 9Gb of free space

Notes :
  • Kernel : 4.4.xx.
  • All bugs reported in 1.42 Fixed.
  • Fully Supports Both Legacy and EFI systems.
  • Fully Supports SSD & NVME drives
  • Included is the new Wine 2.1.0
  • Unique Look and Feel and Extremely easy to use.
  • MANY new changes since last Beta release.
  • Included is a nice selection of software ready to use out of the box.
  • 2 Unique Builds to choose from, Full & Slim. 
  • Full Edition comes with a nice selection of software and everything runs out of the box.
  • Slim Edition is essentially a VERY stripped down version of the Full Edition, it has Bare minimum software selection and no Wine, it is intended for more power users that prefer to tweak and setup their own software selection and settings. The slim Edition does contain the full theme and wallpaper selection and also included is the wallpaper changer, but not much else.
MakuluLinux 12 Lindoz is a Distro we started building in 2015, at the time it was called "Aero" and its been quite a journey from then till now, much work has been done, many lessons learned and a lot of experience gained. This latest Public release Beta is just evidence of what can be achieved when you put in the hard work and many hours and don't give up. I realized back then what a great opportunity and how big a hit such a distro would be if built just exactly right, The trick has always been NOT to make a Windows Clone, This I believe is why so many others that have tried fail, no one wants a Windows Clone, Our focus was rather a blend of both worlds, just enough of the windows to make you comfortable, yet all of the Linux thrown in your face at the same time, Make it your own so to speak, its a very fine line to walk. The result is this Beautiful and powerful Distro, now offered in 2 Editions catering to both the daily users that prefer a good selection of software out of the box and all the complicated scripts pre-compiled, and also a build that caters for the more power users who prefer to do all of this on their own.  This is Beta, but it is stable enough to run as a daily Operating system, Altho bugs may still exist and we please ask you report those to us so we can speedily fix them.

Lastly, This project has been through some really tough times financially, ive had to shutdown 3 server boxes and at one stage even disconnect the website due to the fact I had a $0 paypal balance, it would have been so easy for me to give up as many new distro builders do, and yet I didn't, I kept working, kept pushing on and eventually managed to get the website back online and work around the server problems, I still can't afford the kind of website or server hosting I had before but im still here, slaving away and pushing on. I ask you guys nicely, if you like our work please take a moment and donate a few $ to the project, you have no idea how much it is needed...
Thank you and enjoy using MakuluLinux, make sure to read the release notes to see the latest changes and known issues before you download.



 Click here to Read the Release Notes.










Download Size : Approx 2.28GB

Sourceforge Download Link : Click Here to Download from Sourceforge


Google Download Link : Click Here to Download from Google.


Mega Download Link : Click Here to Download from Mega. 

MD5 : 




Download Size : Approx 1.68GB

Sourceforge Download Link : 
Click Here to Download from Sourceforge


Google Download Link : Click Here to Download from Google.


Mega Download Link : Click Here to Download from Mega. 

MD5 :  c9f0647fb7f5910301f9b6cd5f81a015


 Please remember this is a Beta and even tho it runs well you may still encounter bugs, please report all bugs on our bug report section  via the shortcuts inside the Distro.

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