Makulu LinDoz is now Live !

MakuluLinux is very proud to Announce that LinDoz Build Number 2018 is now available for Download, This is a Very Beautiful and Unique Distro, No Doubt will go down as one of the most Interesting ever made. For more information and to download your Copy Click Here, or head to the Download section. We hope you enjoying running this Build, it was a pleasure to make and please don’t forget to make a donation, a LOT of hard work brought this to you… We will be releasing a lot more goodies over the next few weeks, this is the first release of many.

Some Interesting Features of MakuluLinux LinDoz :

  • Build time : 2 years and 3 Months to Current Build.
  • Desktop Environment : Cinnamon 3.2.xx

Unique Features : 

  • Wallpaper Changer
  • Beautiful Desktop Environment
  • Unique Menu found on no other Distro in the World
  • 30 Window Border Themes
  • 8 Icon Sets
  • 11 Control Themes
  • 11 cursor Sets
  • 16 Shell themes
  • 41 Beautiful Wallpapers.
  • Most Unique combination of themes and wallpapers you will find anywhere.



  1. Christos

    I’ve got a message form the guys on distrowatch they can’t download the iso !!!!!!
    “When I try to use the download link in the release announcement (or on the Download page) the connection times out.”

  2. Werner

    Hi , I downloaded the ISO last night from /sourceforge. The info on the site said 2.6 Mb. My ISO file is 2.8 Mb. (2.8 GB (2,796,322,816 bytes)).Is this Correct. No Checksum is provided.
    Which installer do you guys recommend.
    I am using linux now for about 4 years. If you guys need a tester, I am willing to help.

    • raymerjacque

      The Download is 2.8GB. sorry that is a typo on the website, i have fixed it. the MD5 : fb0d4fb1fa66c53d63adf87e565b5677

  3. Werner

    Thanks Jacque,
    I figured out how to install it, only to see it is 64bit.
    I see on one of the other pages it is mentioned.
    Will wait for LeThe and Flash.

  4. Raul

    Good morning, when using Makulu Constructor tells me to buy a key number, where is it bought and what price does it have?

    • raymerjacque

      It is not available yet, the constructor tool is still under going a major overhaul, it is functional and has been put into the ISO, but just wait for me to finish the overhaul. i will put your name on my email list and email you when it is done 😀

      For the time being you can use the following key : test

  5. Daytona

    My clients have ask me over the years if Linux can be used on the desktop as easily as Windows and what would it take to convert. After years of research I have been recommending the Mint version. After being alerted to Makulu, I was asked to test it. However, the live CD requires a password for the Mukulu account and I have yet to find it. Other versions of Linux live CD’s do not require a password for the live system. This is very annoying and I have very little time to report back.
    It looks like I won’t be recommending this system.

    • rindi

      Normally it should login automatically.If it doesn’t, then just try rebooting and it probably will login this time. If after reboots it still won’t auto-login, the password is makulu. If that still doesn’t work, your iso is probably corrupt and you should download it again. Check the downloaded iso’s MD5 checksum and compare it with the one published on the MakuluLinux website to make sure your iso is fine.

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