MakuluLinux Shift Build 2018-04-05 Released

MakuluLinux Shift Build 2018-04-05 has been released. 

Highlights in this build :

  • Upgraded to Cinnamon 3.6.7
  • Added Fixes that break in the Cinnamon upgrade.
  • Replaced MDM with LightDM
  • Upgraded Kernel to 4.15.xx
  • Added back-end fixes for Steam.
  • Applied a fix to the Applet system that broke the options menus for third party applets.
  • Quite a few Back-end changes.

You can download the ISO from the download section.


  1. Christos

    Hi from greece ! I’m chris how are you ?
    Can i help testing any new release ?
    I wanted to test my system if it could have any problems in the future after modified repos but its ok so now i’m bored again and want to test again.

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