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As i’m sure some have noticed, We pulled Shift from our downloads. The reason is simple, We no longer wish to be associated to Cinnamon any longer, the Mint Team does a Terrible job with their releases and we simply don’t have the time to waste to patch their mistakes any longer, Our focus is where it needs to be, on our 2 Flagship Desktops Flash and Core. Shift and LinDoz were always released as hobby side based interesting projects.  We are one of the Few, if not the Only Team that did a Debian Cinnamon Build, and the hoops we had to jump through to keep this build running stable, its just far to tiresome when we can be spending our time on better projects. Anyone running Shift will still continue to get full updates for ever, However, we wont be patching the actual cinnamon desktop any longer, therefore you will have to make use of the Cinnamon patches you get from the Mint Team, which if they do their jobs well should be good enough.

The Good News, MakuluLinux Core Build 20-08-2018 has just been sent out to testers, This new build includes our very own NCS News Delivery System among various other nice changes. Makulu Core is running so well and so stable, don’t be surprised if you see talk about release in the near future 🙂


  1. Christos

    Now that we have elementary/ Pantheon on debian repositories why wont you use it ?
    Just add the debian pantheon repo install pantheon and build an image with makuluconstructor is that simple !
    Please reply and tell me your ideas about that !
    I would suggest it to do it !
    If you dont do that i will do it myself and share the image with you !
    Core is nice now i like it , its very fast.

  2. Christos

    PS1: And please make your repository selection simpler there are many packages that are broken by default ! Drop what is not essential !

  3. raymerjacque

    I’m always up for new challenges, however right now with Flash, LinDoz and core, my plate is pretty full. Core is going to be our flagship and will need my full attention to maintain it and keep it running smoothly… but who knows, maybe in near future i could find myself with more free time 😀

  4. Christos

    Can you create a section for Community made untested editions ??? just like manjaro has ?
    And you could put a disclaimer that these builds are not official and are experimental !

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