Repository Changes

Debian officially released Buster as the stable OS. Some Repos are offline and may show as such in Makulu Distro’s. Don’t freak out, Debian is making changes and when they are done, Makulu will send an Update that automatically adapts the Repository settings to what they should be, just be patient. There is nothing you as a user need to do your side except relax and wait for our update. shouldn’t take more than few days at most.


  1. rindi

    The repo’s should work now. First click on the update manager in the panel. Then, even if you get error messages, you should still be able to update some things that come from the Makulu Repo, so do that. Then reboot, and after a while you should get the Makulu Updater (red icon with exclamation mark) in the panel. Click on it and allow those updates. After that do another reboot and now the normal updater should run without errors. Run those Updates, then do another reboot. Now you should get another red notification after a while. Run this one too so that the grub splash display is corrected (one of the updates from previously installs the the Debian splash display). After that all should be fine.

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