Makulu Now Supports GTK4.0

Shift Debian users may have noticed in Today’s patch that was sent out earlier there was a Big Themes Patch on your System, This Patch made quite a few changes to Themes on the Debian Shift Build. Shift Debian runs on Gnome 41.5 Framework which is slowly moving bit by bit over to GTK4. Users may have noticed a select few Windows that they open did not have the system Theming but instead looked like the default Adwaita theme, this was because until now Makulu lacked GTK4 theme support. Don’t worry, most of the world is still missing GTK4 support, we aren’t alone. Many developers are rushing to add GTK4 support and Today we Delivered on that front. ALL 26 Themes that we maintain now Fully supports GTK4, after patching if you open those same windows again you will now see it nicely themed, the same as the rest of the system. So as the Framework moves more and more to GTK4, We are now ready for it. the following notes are what has changed in today’s patch :

  • Added GTK4 Support to ALL 26 Themes, This is a Major update. This Effectively means that ALL 26 of our themes fully support GTK2.xx, GTK3.xx and now GTK4.0
  • Rewrite of the Dark Themes ( Red and Blue )
  • The Dark Themes now look just like their light counterparts with highlights, Colors, Textures, size, buttons etc etc.
  • Some Updates to the Colors between Highlights and Buttons to make them match better, There is animation at play as well but we Feel these new changes altho subtle make the theming feel smoother and more streamlined.

Please be Aware this is a Patch for the Debian Shift Build, Not the Ubuntu Shift Build, Ubuntu Shift is still running on the older Gnome framework and there is no GTK4 on that Build and thus it does not need patching at this point.