Shift Beta 3 Nears Completion, Teaser Video.

We have some Big changes in the Upcoming Beta 3, one of those that will be the main focus is expanding from 8 Desktops to 16 Desktops. Yes, that’s right, we have Doubled the Desktop Layout styles for Beta 3. There are also lot of big bug fixes, new features and a lot of rewriting of existing code as Shift evolves and finds itself. The Release Date has not yet been decided, but it will be soon, We estimate we will make the announcement Within Weeks and the release will be quick and swift. Here is a Teaser video for you guys to Enjoy :


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  2. Maybe developers have tons of passion for doing this. That is amazing and I cannot wait for the V-3 beta version. It is expected that shift to 16 desktop layouts. Thank you for that kind of awesome work and I always appreciate it. When I finish my study I will work in a team of Linux and my goal is to support open-source software owners. Good luck!

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