MakuluLinux Shift 2022 Final – Released !

We are proud to announce the Final Build of MakuluLinux Shift 2022. Its been a long journey and putting together such a complex/unique distro has been very challenging. MakuluLinux Shift is a transformable Linux operating system that can transform between 16 desktops with a single click, and it takes just seconds for the process to complete. It transforms the whole Desktop including Panels, Docks, Menus, Wallpapers, Themes, Icon-sets, Extensions, Cursors Effects, Color schemes and even scripts that handle third party applications and menu entries, It is a truly Unique Distro, nothing like it exists anywhere. You can read the full release notes here : And Download your copy here :

We hope you enjoy using Makulu Shift, and please remember this was brought to you with a LOT of hard work, so please also support the project, it would be greatly appreciated.


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