What’s Next on our Agenda ?

Now that Shift has been released, we are still busy working on the Debian version of Shift due later this year, but what else beyond that is happening ? Well, We have also started working on a “GameR” Edition of MakuluLinux, this build is specifically tailored to hardcore gamers using platforms like : Steam, Lutris, Gamehub, Itch, Geforce-Now, Epic Games, Wine etc etc… These platforms are often quite difficult to setup and often have conflicting dependencies issues. One way that users work around the issues is by using Snapd or flathub installs to bypass Dependencies issues, however these installs also come at a price as both flathub and snapD don’t quite give you the same speed boost as the native app client packages. This is where “MakuluLinux-GameR” is focused, We are actively working to provide these platforms in their native forms running at the max possible speed without Dependencies issues. At The same time, it being a Makulu release, you can also Expect it to be very slick, pretty and beautiful … Here is a Sneak Preview Screenshot of the Desktop of a very early build of MakuluLinux-GameR :

The Release date has not yet been established for this Build, there is a LOT of testing and work to be done, However if you want to be a tester feel free to pop into our live chatroom and sign up. For the rest of you, keep an eye on MakuluLinux website for news updates …


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