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  2. qwerty89

    Hello Makulu devs, i find this an interesting Linux distro, but i am totally overwhelmed and confused by the magnitude or different “flavors” and versions. Also, it does not help that most of them in their name, dont give any (or i dont understand those names) clue…

    I think this creates a huge confusion to many arriving to see what is MakuluLinux. Maybe there could be a ONE flagship Makulu and others separated (with accurate information) on some special part of site?

    Additionally: i could not find any information anywhere if MakuluLinux supports snaps and flatpaks out of the box? I would want those because i dont want a hassle installing stuff.

  3. Bert

    If you build in the App-launcher like Deein Desktop has, where different apps brought into maps with an name, likeVideo or Audio or Office etc. then I am your man !!

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