Makulu Ultra High Quality Image Generator Released !

We are Happy to Announce that our ULTRA High Quality Image generator is now ready for public use and can be accessed at the following link :

It is Web based, open the link and click on the free generation button on top.
then click on a link under available servers.

there are some limitations on the free servers :

  • some models are locked
  • some aspect ratios are locked
  • some sliders are locked
  • fast mode is locked
  • Zoom and Vary buttons are locked
  • Generation is in slow mode only, while nice and fast during non busy hours, it can be slow at peek hours…

but it will give users a nice preview of what the generator is capable of.
to Unlock all features and get access to unlimited generation with turbo mode, sign up for membership on our Patreon page :

Here is a Video that shows the quality of images that can be generated