Electra is Moving to a new Home !

We just wanted to let everyone know that we are in the process of Moving Electra to a new Server. She has outgrown her current home and is in need of a new one, We have found a suitable server that will serve as her next Host. We don’t expect any problems with the transition, however these things never progress perfectly. We will try and minimize any downtime you may experience. There is nothing users need to do, everything is handled backend by us. Just enjoy using MakuluLinux as usual, and if you experience any difficulties with communicating with the A.I, it is most likely due to the Moving process, The move should take around a week or so. We will send out another update when the process has finished. However most likely there wont be any interruption and users won’t even notice Electra has moved. Have a good day and keep supporting our project. Some new cool things on the horizon and coming in 2024.