New – Electra Pro vs Electra Free

We have made some big upgrades to Electra AI over the last couple of Months, the list is comprehensive. here are some highlights :

  • Increased the token limit.
  • Greatly Improved Natural personality.
  • Improved complex reasoning.
  • Improved analyses capabilities.
  • Improved summarizing capabilities.
  • Improved problem solving skills.
  • Greatly improved coding abilities.
  • Enhanced performance.
  • Faster response times.
  • More languages supported.
  • Voice support.
  • Video support.
  • Many many more improvements have been made. Electra now competes on the same level as GPT4 and Gemini Pro.

We now offer a “Free Electra” server that runs on the older Electra Model and a “Pro Electra” server that runs on the new improved model. Currently the Pro model is being tested in the Alpha MakuluLinux distro builds. Anyone running the MakuluLinux X will now notice the Pro model as an option. It will be rolled out to more distro’s in the coming days / weeks.

All Patreon members that are on a paid option has been given Access to Electra Pro, an email has been sent to the Patreon members with instructions on how to gain access to Electra Pro. If you are a paid Patreon member, please check your inbox or check the Patreon page at

If you want access to Electra Pro, please sign up for Patreon membership at

Patreon members gain quite a few really perks, most importantly you get access to all early builds, all pro builds, all new upcoming features ( often months before the general public ) and you get access to the AI features being worked on.

Those that currently have access, please Enjoy using Electra Pro, We are always improving on her, she is constantly learning and getting better everyday.

As stated above, we are not forcing anyone to pay to the project, those that do not wish to pay for Electra still have FULL unlimited access to the free model, go wild with her, there are no limitation on usage.

Additionally we have now completed the Electra AI webpage that can be accessed at feel free to test her abilities.

Android users can now also download the Electra AI apk file at and run Electra on your mobile phone.

We have also added a AI assistant model of Electra as a floating window on the Makulu homepage to help users navigate the project and answer questions users may have.

Lastly, Thank you for supporting our project, you guys literally keep these servers running, we are extremely grateful for your continued generosity.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problems with setting up Electra Pro or have any feedback, We love and welcome any feedback you may have.


MakuluLinux Team.