Makulu Max Development Update

We have updated the Development Release Highlight Notes for Makulu Max, you can Click Here to see what’s happening on the Development front. Some Really exciting things happening, especially on the AI and Widget development side of things. See the Video Below for a Demo of widgets and AI integration in MakuluLinux Max.


We have had to do some repairs to our Discord channels, everything should now be up and running. We had a childish team member exit and tried to sabotage the discord channels, If you were kicked just hop back in @ @XXxjoker21xX get some help dude…

MakuluLinux Max Development Logs

We have updated the Development release notes of MakuluLinux Max Debian ( we update it every once in a while ), you can now see what has been done on the development front over the last few months, check out the dev log here :

Makulu Max Development notes updated.

We have updated the Makulu Max development notes with highlights from the last time we updated ( October ), The highlights now show all development notes up until 07 January 2023. We will continue to update the notes until Max is ready for Public release. You can read the release notes : CLICK HERE.

Makulu Max Coming Soon…

In preparation for the upcoming Makulu Max release, We have now added a “Max” section to the Main website where we have posted the “Release notes highlights” for the last 2 months, users can now follow development as we get ready for the Beta 1 release. The release date is expected to be in the…