MakuluLinux Core Development Logs recorded from the Last Major Milestone ( 28-08-2020 ) to Current.


  • We spoke the other day about the idea of starting that little “Community” ( this is the codename i will use when talking about it in release notes)  Fun Project, the “Community” Side game… It’s nearly complete and already 100% functional. Both the frontend and backend are around 95% complete.
  • I have now created a “Widget” for the “”Community”” project. You can find it in the main menu. It has a nice little portable built in html viewer that I designed. You can navigate, login and manage your account  from the widget. The widget is also resizable. Please guys, go and register an account on the widget so we can start testing everything and make sure it works well. It will need some weeks to test well.
  • Both Builds are now on Par, Various pieces of work were done on each and now been ported both ways. The newest ISO’s are included for both Builds ( Debian and Ubuntu variant ).
  • Updated compatibility for Vmware.
  • All packages and kernel updated to latest build.


  • Upgraded to Kernel
  • Upgrade Xfce Framework to build 4.16.xx
  • Upgraded File manager (Nemo) to build 4.8.4
  • Added Transparency to the Panel Menu ( traditional menu in the panel ) and popup windows, They are now White with black fonts instead of Black/white fonts, they also have a tinge of transparency on them to give them a little more of a Modern Elegant Look.
  • Also Tweaked the Panel menu borders slightly, giving it a Slightly rounded edge, just barely. it still almost looks square until you look closer 🙂
  • The Standard popup menus in Core now also sports a White slightly transparent look to match the Panel Menu and popups.
  • Upgraded all Gui’s in Core Debian to match our Core Ubuntu build.
  • Upgraded all Themes and Icon sets  in Core Debian to match our Core Ubuntu build.
  • Upgraded all Custom scripts in Core Debian to match our Core Ubuntu build.
  • Upgraded panels and layouts in Core Debian to match our Core Ubuntu build.
  • Settings manager for Core is no longer in the bottom Dock. It is now in the Right click menu on the desktop. same place where you right click change background. there is now also a settings manager option in that right click menu.
  • Some system optimisations, Expect lower ram consumption 🙂

The themes in general should look nice and snazzy, the whole OS is starting to feel nice and smooth to operate…


  • Upgrade XFCE framework successfully to 4.16 Pre release 2…  you can find the original release notes for the xfce package updates here :
  • Adapted some shortcuts, icons and scripts to new framework changes
  • Updated all packages and kernel to latest build.
  • some tweaks all around the system.


  • Continuing work on Themes to prepare Core for the Xfce 4.16 CSD ( Client side decoration ) changes. Much work needed to be done to get the GTK themes up to date.
  • The GTK theme borders now have nice little Animations on the Buttons, along with Zoom effects and Colorization on the closed button.
  • The old border themes ( controlled by the Window Manager ) have been modified to match the GTK CSD border themes, This means i had to Dial down the color on the borders by quite a bit. 
  • Removed the border options from the themer dialogue as well as the intro Gui, again, in preparation for the Xfce 4.16 Theme changes. With the new changes borders will automatically change when you choose coloration, there is no need to set borders separately.


  • Old Python 2 Packages have now been completely replaced by python 3 upgrades, existing python 2 has also been upgraded. We have now removed the final traces of python2 that were left.
  • some optimisations have led to reduced ram usage.
  • Started working on the front end, Wallpapers, themes, cursors etc etc… we are now up to the following :
  • up to 100 Wallpapers
  • up to 51 Mouse cursors
  • up to 23 Color Schemes
  • up to 20 Icon Set variations to Match Color schemes.
  • up to 10 Border themes
  • up to 103 3D/Emerald border Themes.
  • Updated the themes gui to reflect some more choices for cursors.
  • Added an online Quotation system to the desktop clock, the conky script will now pull quotations from and display them neatly in the conky script. The Clock gui has been updated to allow users to enable or disable the quotes feature the same way they can disable weather and news.
  • Updated to newest Kernel 5.4.-xx
  • Updated Core Framework to Xfce 4.16 Experimental ( Please TEST EVERYTHING )

We have now upgraded the Backend Core framework to Experimental Xfce 4.16… Altho Core may look nothing like Xfce, it does still use quite a bit of the Xfce Backend framework, This is quite a BIG upgrade to the Core of the system, It is very important for everyone to please test everything and look for anything that is out of place, themes, icons, windows, borders, non working apps, settings, panels, anything and everything…


  • The Themer GUI now says “Themes & 3D” when 3D is turned off and “3D & Themes” when 3D is turned on in the settings manager.
  • Fixed some shortcuts not working in the main menu.
  • Some updates to the update manager script for Core.
  • Some cleaning up around the system.


  • Changes to the Themer/3D options Gui’s – Both Guis are now the Same gui, We don’t have 2 different gui’s on 2 different places to handle when 3D is turned on or off, You open the same Gui for both and the GUI will update itself with the correct settings. This really simplifies and completes the transition from XFWM window Manager to Compiz/Emerald nicely and with ease… Please Test.
  • Juggling menu’s – The menu’s have now been juggled around, Since we have a traditional menu that comes with Cairo dock, it makes no sense to keep the Cardapio as the traditional menu, its outdated and requires additional python 2 packages that we can now get rid of. We still keep the Tri menu system, however, the Ring menu has been moved into the bottom left corner and the traditional menu has been moved into the Dock, The ring menu is still considered the main menu, it also opens in 3 places ( Bottom left corner of the screen, Super key and also in the right click desktop menu ). So in a sense, the dock houses the traditional menu now, the corners menus are the full screen and ring menus. This is the original Position of the menu’s when we first developed Core, I think it will be the more popular style moving forward and it will be better for Multi Monitor support as well.
  • Dock menu Icon updated to the traditional Red M we usually use for Menu’s.
  • Intro video has been updated with all the new Changes, Please watch it again.
  • MANY MANY backend changes in this build.


  • Bottom dock is locked by default. You can add items to the dock, but you can’t remove items without unlocking the dock first.
  • Another Big expansion to the Desktop Clock options Gui Listed below :
  • Added a Weather reset option, Expanded on Weather options to now Show tomorrow’s forecast as well.
  • Added Options to disable parts of the conky clock ( You can disable Weather, News and System information seperatly as you wish ), However System information can only be disabled for the digital clock.
  • Fixed some Desktop Icons for Post install.
  • Desktop Background options now set to Zoom as Default.
  • Updated Intro manager to add some more Clock options.


  • Fixed User and groups missing from Settings manager.
  • Added Cloud Storage Backup support ( GUI Application called “Duplicati” ), Duplicati works with standard protocols like FTP, SSH, WebDAV as well as popular services like Amazon Cloud Drive, Amazon S3, Azure blob, B2 Cloud Storage,, Dropbox, Google Cloud Storage, Google Drive, HubiC, Jottacloud,, Microsoft Office 365 Groups, Microsoft OneDrive for Business, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft SharePoint, OpenStack Simple Storage, Rackspace CloudFiles, Rclone, Sia Decentralized Cloud, Tahoe-LAFS. You can find Duplicati in the Main Menu as well as in the settings manager. it really adds an “All in One” Cloud backup service.
  • New options in Desktop Clock, You can now switch between Analog and Digital Clock options.
  • New options in Desktop Clock, 12 hour Clock now shows AM/PM.
  • Desktop Clock Colors slightly edited to better fit the Desktop Themes.
  • Updated Intro manager to now allow users to select clock options.
  • Updated intro video to show the new Options for Desktop Clock.
  • Updated Grub, Please test if you still get any grub issues.


  • Desktop Clock Gui has been overhauled and redesigned, it is now much more compact and new clock options have been added.
  • The Desktop Clock can now be positioned, Either right or Left on the screen. This is something that has been requested multiple times and finally I can remove it from my todo list.
  • Added the new Wine Repo, Wine 5.16 is now supported… Please Test !
  • Added Etcher in core repo, search for it in the package manager.
  • More changes to the Updater Script, some additional failsafe triggers to prevent conflicts.
  • Updated the Intro video to support the changes to Desktop Clock.
  • Updated to latest Kernel and Package Updates.


  • Fixed Session and startup button not displaying in settings manager
  • System Optimisations, should see roughly 100-130mb decrease in system ram usage.
  • Added Desktop Clock to Settings manager.
  • Updated Intro video. 
  • Updated Update scripts for Update manager.
  • Fixed some issues with the Intro Setup Manager, please test it well.
  • Fixed issue with OS release file missing and software sources not starting properly.
  • Updated the GUI and Scripts for the Constructor tool, it is now on par with the Shift build.


  • Final stage of adaptation to the 20.04 Repositories completed, been quite a task since I couldn’t just use our existing base that I adapted, I had to adapt Core separately on its own due to the many python 2 dependencies…
  • Started adding the Core specific Packages to the new Repositories for future updates
  • Changed Language selector to the default Gnome Language selector, please TEST !
  • More tweaks to the new Bottom Dock – Theme, Animations, Icons…
  • Added a Clock Icon to the Side dock to easily access clock gui.
  • Fixed the Background Gui options, all should now fully work as intended.
  • Fixed the Workspace switcher (it no longer defaults to 1 workspace after turning off 3D, it now defaults back to 4 as intended)
  • Fixed “open” items on dock, they now correctly show near the end of the dock ( next to workspace indicator ) as intended.
  • Fixed the Check Core packages to correctly check the sources at system startup.
  • Ported over the new Update manager to Core, it is fully functional, but expect some more script changes down the road.
  • Fixed the “large Radius” issue of the Pie Menu, it now properly deselects the menu when you click away on the desktop, so if you click away on the desktop it now properly exits the menu.
  • Added the Makulu Portal, users can now have quick access to important makulu gateways.
  • All system updates applied, updated to latest kernel.