LinDoz Logs from 2020-10-16 ( last major milestone ) to Present :

Date : 2021-01-21

  • Fixed compatibility issues with Wine / Cinnamon Framework and Virtualbox ( Wine is now pre-installed – work in progress )
  • Added Playonlinux pre installed.
  • Added Winetricks to easily configure wine.
  • New shortcuts added to menu favorites ( winetricks, playonlinux )
  • Fixed issues where Wine would remove packages required by MS Edge.
  • Resync of profile packages with new changes

Date : 2021-01-20

  • Fixed MASSIVE issue with virtualbox compatibility with the Cinnamon framework… Tricky stuff…
  • Wine will no longer be included as a pre-install, however the wine pre-configuration settings will be saved.
  • ISO size Reduction due to Wine removal and also some tweaking and optimizations results in an ISO size is just 1.99GB.
  • I have now also made a Virtual Box OVA file, this allows users to import the image directly into virtualbox without going through the install process, it takes a fraction of the time to do and already all drivers and settings are preconfigured.

Date : 2021-01-15

  • Updated many drivers.
  • Fixed issue with RTBTH driver in bluetooth
  • Added Bluetooth icon in the bottom panel by default, you will also find a shortcut in the main menu.
  • Resync again of the Live and install Profiles.
  • More polishing….

Date : 2021-01-14

  • Fixed issue with Gdebi not invoking sudo properly. it will now check on every reboot if the sudo gets correctly invoked.
  • Fixed compatibility issues with Virtualbox 6.
  • Fixed issue with Warpinator improper saved location.
  • Added and pre configured Wine and Playonlinux. Wine can be further configured using winetricks shortcut in the menu, or simply using the playonlinux interface. Wine is partially preconfigured, meaning you can simply double click an exe or MSI file and it will open in Wine, however the first time Wine is run it will still go through some configuration options.
  • Take note, the ISO has grown larger due to the inclusion of wine, Around 200MB in size to 2.24GB, considering the Wine installation itself is more than 1.1GB, the compression we achieved is miraculous.

Date : 2021-01-12

  • Added Webcam application to Access camera functions
  • Added Sound recorder to access Mic
  • Added Nomacs Image viewer as the default image Viewer.
  • Updated to latest Mesa Drivers.
  • Moved from Kernel 5.4.xx to Kernel 5.8.xx
  • Added some nice new wallpapers, we are now up to 45 wallpapers, really makes the distro feel nice and complete.
  • Fixed some mime associations that were pointing to Ms Edge.
  • Re-Sync of the config folders in User and Live Profiles.
  • Updated over 400mb worth of packages on system.
  • More polishing….

Date : 2020-12-18

  • Fixed Screen-share not showing Status check and help video
  • Added Screen-share to Cinnamon Settings
  • Fixed missing Language options from Cinnamon Settings
  • Fixed the default Wallpaper location pointing to a custom makulu folder, it now correctly points to /usr/share/backgrounds/
  • Fixed the Background icon in the main menu pointing to the wrong application ( its pointing to gnome backgrounds when it should be pointing to our background App )
  • Fixed the Theme selector shortcut in the main menu, it is pointing to cinnamon themes instead of our Makulu theme selector.
  • Fixed the screensaver modules that were all messed up, there is only the cinnamon screensaver module now operating correctly. 
  • Set the live account screensaver as inactive.
  • Remove the Keyrings, when the user first opens the browser it will ask him to create a keyring.
  • Updated all packages and kernel to latest available builds.

Date : 2020-12-10

  • Updated Cinnamon and Nemo and related packages from 4.6 to 4.8 ( latest available ).
  • Cinnamon 4.8 includes a new suspend-then-hibernate function that instructs the desktop environment to first suspend the system and then hibernate it after a certain period of time of inactivity.
  • The Nemo file manager received a much requested feature, namely the ability to add files or folders to favorites via a new right-click context menu option called “Add to Favorites.” These can be easily accessed from the “Favorites” section of the file manager, a new dedicated “Favorites” applet, a new section in the application menu, or from the “Favorites” file option of the app you want to open them with.
  • Updated all icons packs, Themes, buttons and applets to be compatible with Cinnamon upgrade.
  • Fixed the option ( advanced themes ) that seemed to have dissapeared in the last few builds, you can now find it again in the settings manager.
  • Updated some custom scripts and gui’s to handle the new 4.8 build of cinnamon.

Date : 2020-11-17

  • Fixed an issue with wine installing and not making shortcuts to open windows apps, Lindoz now checks to see if wine is installed, if it is it will look for missing shortcuts and recreate them if they are not found.
  • Fixed the Typo on the introduction video that said top right corner instead of top left.
  • Added a reference to the software center in the introduction video for new users.

Date : 2020-11-15

  • Fixed Live build showing Vietnamese language in Live Mode, it should now be English as default.
  • Fixed a Dbus issue where Leafpad would delay to open, it should open now instantly.
  • Fixed a dependency issue where Wine32 could not be installed. This is an issue that’s been haunting us for a while.
  • Added new Wine repositories to make available latest wine development and HQ builds.
  • Added “gnome online accounts” feature to the Intro Manager, you can now link your google, facebook etc etc accounts to sync when you first boot up, it’s part of the Intro manager now, so please run through the intro manager options to make sure everything is working.
  • Updated Edge to Latest Build.
  • Upgraded all remaining Packages and Kernel to the latest Build available.

Date : 2020-11-08

  • Fixed a nasty issue with the Plugin script in Lindoz… this plugs a potential system instability hole that i’ve been dreading.
  • Replaced Google Chrome with Microsoft Edge… Edge is now the native browser in Lindoz. Do remember a lot lindoz users come from windows and microsoft edge is just a rebuilt customised version of chrome… they share the same source code. Please test MS Edge and let me know how you guys feel about it.
  • Updated all packages to latest builds.

Date : 2020-10-30

  • Changes to the Menu styles, Now when users select classic style it actually changes the menu to old simple classic, and when they select modern it will then change the menu back to the grid style. along with the other theme changes of course.
  • Some tweaking around the menu styles to make the respective categories and application icons appear balanced and viewable at different resolutions.
  • Some rewriting of the scripts that control the Theme switching process, had to add some extra triggers to handle the new menu changes on the fly.
  • Some more rewrites to the update manager for LinDoz
  • Added some new checks to the system to look for rogue cinnamon packages that may break lindoz at start up.
  • Some more fixes to Icon packs, it’s still an ongoing process, expect over the coming builds to see more and more icon pack changes.
  • Updated all core packages, including the source manager.
  • Lots of little tweaking around the system.
  • Updated the Intro video.

Date : 2020-10-16

  • Fixed software sources not starting correctly.
  • Applied all the remaining python 3 patches from Core to the new Lindoz build.
  • Some updates and tweaks to the Themes Manager, Changing themes is now a smoother process, no more screen flickering.
  • Some Fixes to the new icon packs, this is an ongoing process and you will see more changes over time.
  • Updated Cinnamon Core packages to latest Build 4.6.2
  • Updated Nemo to latest build 4.6.5
  • Updated Kernel to latest build in Ubuntu 20.04 repositories.
  • Ported over the complete Core Conky Desktop Clock to Lindoz with all its elements. 
  • Desktop Clock shortcuts have also been added to the Desktop right click menu as well as the Settings manager.
  • Updated the intro Video.
  • Applied all core system updates.
  • With all the above updates the system should feel very snappy and stable in this build. please report if it isn’t.

LinDoz Logs from 2020-10-16 ( last major milestone ) to Present :