Download LinDoz

MakuluLinux 15 Series – LinDoz Edition :

  • Developer : MakuluLinux
  • Edition : 15 Series
  • Code Name : LinDoz
  • Build Number 2018.01.01
  • Base : 15 Series
  • Main Repository : MakuluLinux
  • Secondary Repository : Debian Testing
  • Desktop Environment Forked : Cinnamon 3.88
  • Kernel : 4.18.xx
  • Architecture : 64Bit
  • Required Disk Space : Recommended at least 10GB
  • Required Ram : Recommended at least 2GB
  • Live username / password : makulu / makulu
  • Release Date : September 2018
  • Download size : 1.75 GB


Important to Read the Release Notes :

It is Highly Recommended you use a download manager that can resume broken downloads.

ISO Download Links :

Updated ISO :

Pre-built Virtual Machine OVA of Makulu LinDoz – Download Links :

Recommended Virtualbox Settings : We recommend setting the CPU core count to at least 2 cores or more, We also recommend setting the ram to at least 2.5GB or more, and obviously expand the storage to your preferred size. These are only recommendations of settings we have already tested and found to be optimal. VB extensions are already pre-installed, you can literally just import, adjust your settings and start using it.



You can Download the Latest Test Build of LinDoz from the Link Below ( if there is one available ), There is a readme included. However do remember it is a Build that is still currently in Testing and therefore we can’t guarantee Stability.

Download the Latest Test Build from here :