VirtualBox Import OVA file


Setting up MakuluLinux 14 LinDoz, Shift and Flash (if you want to enable Compiz) within Oracle VirtualBox requires some special settings and drivers installed for them to work properly. For that reason we have created ova files that are already setup and you can download and import directly into VirtualBox 5.2.6 (but it will probably also work more or less with older versions).

Short guide on how to import the ova file to get a working VM

Open VirtualBox, select “File”, Import Appliance.

Navigate to the ova file, select it and click on “next”.

The ova can now be imported. When done, it should look similar to this:

Now you can try starting the VM, and it should end up with a running Makululinux running inside VirtualBox:


As the ova was setup for failsafe settings so that it should run with many setups, you can and are encouraged to change settings of the VM, for example add cores, increase memory, change USB to 2 or 3 etc.