Built on the 15 Series MakuluLinux Base and our Second release this year, MakuluLinux Flash will not disappoint. It is Lightning fast, sports a Triple menu setup, yet keeps a Very Traditional Style Desktop Layout. At First glance it looks very modernized and it really is, offering plenty transparency, beautiful wallpaper and some great menu options. It also sports a very nice variety of icon sets and theme selection that you just simply won’t find anywhere. Finding a good variety of themes since GTK3.20 is near impossible, most prior themes are now broken and left users with only a handful of good theme choices, most of which look the same. You want a nice Pink or Purple theme ? There aren’t any, want a nice Brown or Yellow theme, sorry, they are all broken now… This led us to make the choice of designing our own themes, MakuluLinux Flash offers 24 different variety of all different colored themes for users to play with and 10 icon sets, this really will satisfy any user that loves theming his desktop, you literally have so many great options at your finger tips.

While I feel the need to mention Themes and Icons because its one of the First things users will see and it does offer something that isn’t easily found anywhere else, the real Stand Out Feature of Flash is its PURE RAW SPEED. It is simply so fast that many will instantly fall in Love with this Snappy beauty. The 15 Series Base was designed around MakuluLinux Core framework which is forked from Xfce, the same DE that Flash uses and thus the Raw speed in Flash is instantly noticed and a great feature to this Build, getting Core updates from Debian also ensures that Flash is Rock Solid Stable.

While Flash may appeal to the more Traditional Linux users, it also offers full built in Compiz Support to enable cool animations and 3D effects. With a click of a button you can transform your Desktop environment to a fully working wobbly wonky DE, with full cube effects, transition effects and a ton of other great effects that you can turn on and off at your own discretion. This really puts flash into a nice position of not only appealing to the old style traditional users, but also to people that like a more modern environment with flashy things.

To sum up Flash, It is a Traditional Distro with some cool features, Beautiful Wallpapers and Themes and it is Lightning fast. Users will appreciate the fact that we paid attention to finer details, We spent a lot of time polishing this Build, it has also been extensively been tested and we don’t expect many issues if any at all. Lets take a look at some stand out features.

Stand out Features :

  • Base : Makulu 15 Series Debian Base.
  • Desktop Environment : Xfce.
  • Kernel : 4.18.xx.
  • Architecture : 64Bit
  • Current Build Date : 2018-10-16
  • Hot corner Support : Yes.
  • Menu Selection : Triple Menu.
  • Wallpaper count : 39 Beautiful Wallpapers
  • Theme Count : 24 Variety colored Themes.
  • Icon sets : 10 Variety colored Icon sets.
  • Driver Support : Huge Driver support out of the box.
  • Ram Requirements : Recommended 1GB or more.
  • Space Requirements : Recommended 10Gb storage
  • Easter Eggs : Leave your pc idle for about 10 minutes and find out…

Things to Know :

  • There are 3 Menu’s in Flash, the Traditional whisker Menu, the Quick typing Synapse Menu and the Full-screen overlay Menu.
  • To Open the Third Menu ( Full screen Menu ), move your mouse into the top left corner of the screen.

Known Issues :

  • The Full Screen Menu can have issues with some Third party Icon sets, it fully works with the included Makulu Icon sets, however we can’t ensure that it will always work with an icon set made by some third party developer. If you really want to add additional icon sets we recommend you test to see that the menu operates without issues. If you however don’t use the overlay menu then this wont effect you.

Please Don’t forget if you like our Work, make a donation to the project, We work extremely hard to bring these releases to you and we do it free of charge, no salary, no monthly payments from anywhere and We even carry the costs of the project ourselves most of the time. Keeping this project running is a FULL time job and it would be nice if the community at least helped pay some of the bills.

With the new Updated ISO 05/08/2019, We have added in a Conky Clock / News Feeder, This clock has 6 color schemes, the user can adjust the colors from the clock shortcut by right clicking on desktop and selecting desktop clock from the menu, alternatively you can also find a shortcut in the settings manager.


Download from SourceForge :


Download from Makulu Directly :


MD5 :  23fe6e07f29d6bd268b8db44f610af25

SHA1: b8e045bfd9dcbea04ec5be6448578c75e25b5077