MakuluLinux Flash

  • Base Framework: MakuluLinux Custom Built Debian Framework 
  • DE : Xfce
  • Kernel :
  • Codename : Flash
  • Release Edition number : 14
  • Release Date of First Build : February/March 2018
  • Expected Release of Final Build : 2018
  • Release Type : Semi-Rolling
  • End of Life Date : Never
  • End of Support Date : 2020
  • CPU Requirements : 64Bit capable CPU
  • Ram required : 1GB or more recommended
  • HDD space : 10GB or more recommended.

Built on Makulu’s Custom Built Base that has been in the works for nearly 2 years, MakuluLinux Flash Edition is designed as a Semi-Rolling release. It utilizes an Xfce Desktop Environment that is Highly customizable and comes with a lot of rich features included. MakuluLinux Flash sports a beautiful desktop with plenty Eye candy out of the box, included are a selective but minimal applications pre installed. What makes Flash so special is that it is built on top of Makulu’s Very first Custom Made Debian base that has been in the making for almost 2 years. Flash has also been designed to be so easy to use almost near the same level as Ubuntu is in terms of user friendliness. However, make no mistake, this is Debian and is Very Stable and Very powerful. Users may also be surprised at how Fast flash runs considering everything it has running, But that is the Reason for the Name, its Fast like a Flash.

For more information and a quick run down on this Build, please watch the Video below. You can grab the ISO from the download section when ready.