MakuluLinux Flash 2021, a Traditional / Retro style Linux that focuses on Ease of Use, Comfort, Stability, Beauty and Speed !

Built on the new 2021 Hybrid Debian Base and Gnome Framework, Flash 2021 will not disappoint. It is Fast and Modern, yet keeps a Very Traditional/Retro Style Desktop Layout. At First glance it looks very Modernized, offering plenty Transparency, Beautiful Wallpaper and some great menu options. It also sports a very nice variety of icon sets and theme selection that you just simply won’t find anywhere. Finding a good variety of themes since GTK3.xx release is near impossible, most prior themes are now broken and left users with only a handful of good theme choices, most of which look the same. You want a nice Pink or Purple theme ? There aren’t any, want a nice Brown or Yellow theme, sorry, they are all broken now… This led us to make the choice of designing our own themes, MakuluLinux Flash offers 24 different variety of all different colored themes for users to play with and icon sets to match, this really will satisfy any user that loves theming his desktop, you literally have so many great options at your finger tips.

While I feel the need to mention Themes and Icons because its one of the First things users will see and it does offer something that isn’t easily found anywhere else, the real Stand Out Feature of Flash is the beauty in its simplicity. The new 2021 Hybrid Debian Base was designed specially to enhance the Makulu distro’s namely LinDoz, Flash and Core. 

Makulu not only supplies core patches where needed, but we also host some key software in our repositories that adds to the end users experience. Flash now also supports Windows applications ( Wine ) right out of the box, You can now simply just double click an exe or msi file as you would in windows and run it, Flatpak and SnapD are also fully supported and implemented.

With the move from XFCE framework to a Gnome Framework it has brought many new features to the Flash operating system, while the default front End Gnome interface is loved by some and hated by others and quite often criticized for its heavy resource hogging, the backend of gnome is extremely powerful and feature rich, it is this backend that Flash is built on. We have spent much time tweaking the OS to be speedy, feel zippy and not be so resource intensive. Using the backend of Gnome Framework also brings out of the box features like screen / file share, access to online accounts like Facebook, Google and Microsoft directly. We have also implemented Touch friendly features, Makulu Flash now fully supports Touch screen devices like Tablets with Full screen Gesture support out of the Box. Of Course with Building Flash onto the new Gnome Hybrid base also means it has full extension support, You can now add extensions to Flash straight from the Gnome extension website, where you will find thousands of extensions available and ready to use. We have included a variety of extensions that are preinstalled to help with day to day tasks like working with workspaces, plugin in external flash drives, Weather, and Numlock/Capslock options.

While Flash may appeal to the more Traditional Linux users, it also offers  cool animations and 3D effects like wobbly windows and magic lamp. This really puts flash into a nice position of not only appealing to the old style traditional users, but also to people that like a more modern environment with flashy things.

To sum up Flash, It is a Traditional/Retro Distro with some cool features, Beautiful Wallpapers and Themes and it is fast. Users will appreciate the fact that we paid attention to finer details, We spent a lot of time polishing this Build, it has also been extensively been tested and we don’t expect many issues if any at all.

Lets take a look at some stand out features.

Stand out Features :

  • Base : MakuluLinux 2021 Debian Hybrid Base

  • Desktop Environment : Gnome

  • Kernel : 5.10.xx

  • Architecture : 64Bit

  • Current Build Date : 2021-06-29

  • Huge Selection of Themes, Wallpapers and Iconsets

  • Driver Support : Huge Driver support out of the box

  • Ram Requirements : Recommended 2GB+

  • Space Requirements : Recommended 10Gb+

Important Things to Know :

  • Themes & 3D options can be accessed on the desktop, simply right click on the desktop and select themes from the context menu.

  • Wallpaper options can be accessed on the desktop, simply right click on the desktop and select Wallpapers from the context menu.

  • Desktop options can be accessed on the desktop, simply right click on the desktop and select Desktop Clock from the context menu.

As I am sure you guys are aware, we are based in Vietnam which has been BADLY affected by the Corona-virus by shutdowns, Internet problems, not to mention months long lock down with $0 Salary in between, Everything is pretty much closed. So you can imagine the chaos this has created here. We have planned many builds for release this year and we hope that none of them get delayed by the after effects of this epidemic, we are working hard to stay on target. We also pray for everyone infected, that they make a full recovery and that they find a treatment for this Virus soon, It is terrible what the whole world is currently going through. However, the project has also been affected by this epidemic, Finances have not been great the last year for the project. We ask that if you can donate, please do so, we would really appreciate it. You have no idea how badly it is needed and every cent helps, a few $$ can go a long way…

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MD5 :  1d09e194ac4eb233a60d893db5da5207

SHA1 : 22838705900cffd78932ade8d65ec74fee4a6abf

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