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      N’ da

      Hi there,

      i saw on sourceforge that a new release of MAX has been done.

      why there isn’t any announcement nor changelog?

      If any exist it’s hidden.

      Distrowatch too saw the release.

      Really like you’re work. I keep an eye, have a nice day.

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      Makulu Max is still Beta 1… we have daily / weekly builds. and every couple of builds when its stable enough we put it out there for users to install and test.  Right now the changes are too many to make announcements. its all beta… just enjoy it. If there are such drastic changes that require a reinstall we will let users know.  that being said, if you don’t mind reinstalling, then there is always the advantage of the extra polish in having the latest iso, the little things that get touched up with every build that makes a huge difference in the end.

      As for the Pro Version, there updates on that is FAR more drastic, We are working on some ground breaking stuff, Voice genration, 4K image generation etc etc. if you purchased a Pro build then I would keep an eye on the Pro build links you got via the purchase, that folder will probably have a new iso in it on a weekly basis with many changes and new goodies 😀

      Once we pass the beta stages, the announcements will become more regular.

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      Drugs Square


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