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    In the process of converting my wife to Linux via Makulu (very excited)

    Her Asus has an Aptio bios where I need to spell out the path to the .efi

    I went with the standard install and didn’t do the partitioning myself

    would I be aiming for a path of : /boot/grub/x86_64.efi?

    might it need to start with /dev/sda?

    grateful for any suggestions

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    Doh!  problem solved.  Issue with physical drive.  Once fixed all was good.

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    I don’t really understand why the efi file needs to be spelt out…

    But if I’m not mistaken it should be /dev/sda1/EFI/MakuluLinux/grubx64.efi. The /dev/sdax though can change, as this depends on the hardware and if something else has already been installed on the disk.


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