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    Jorge Castro

    Buenas Noches, Saludos, Estimados usuarios de Makulu Core 15, Estaba usando ubunto 16.04 y me cambie a Makulu Core 15, instale  shashlik_0.9.3.deb (<b>es proporcionar una manera de ejecutar aplicaciones de Android en un escritorio estándar de Linux de la forma más fácil y sencilla posible.</b>) y Anbox (pone el sistema operativo Android en un contenedor, abstrae el acceso al hardware e integra los servicios centrales del sistema en un sistema GNU / Linux. Cada aplicación de Android se integrará con su sistema operativo como cualquier otra aplicación nativa. ). De estos dos solo pude instalar por el gestor de paquetes, pero no abre. Que me recomienda para lograr la intalación

    Les solicito informacion para pasar todo el sitema operativo a español, incluyendo los mensajes del escritorio.

    y un manual en español del usuario,


    Agradezco lo que puedan hacaer.


    Atte. georgeblacman



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    Please ask your Questions in English. Thanks.

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    Jorge Castro
    Good Night, Greetings, Dear Makulu Core 15 Users, I WAS Using Ubuntu 16.04 and I changed a Makulu Core 15, shashlik_0.9.3.deb Install (<b> is to provide a way to run Android applications on a standard Linux desktop of the simplest and easiest way possible. </ b>) and Anbox (puts the Android operating system in a container, abstracts access to the hardware and integrates the central services of the system into a GNU / Linux system.) Each Android application will be integrated with its operating system like any other native application.). FROM THESE TWO SOLO I COULD INSTALL THROUGH THE BUDGET MANAGER, BUT IT DOES NOT OPEN. What do you recommend to achieve v The installation
    I request information to pass the whole operating system a Spanish, including Desktop Messages.
    and the UN manual in Spanish of the User,
    I appreciate doing what can.
    Atte. georgeblacman
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    I’m afraid I don’t understand what you mean. Maybe you should ask a friend who speaks English to translate for you. Automatic translators like Google translate usually don’t work well at all. They might be able to translate single words, but when it comes to sentences they tend to pull everything out of context, so at the end it is not understandable.

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    Jorge Castro
    Good morning. Rindi, Thanks for your help.
    I hope that in this way you understand.
    I am from Venezuela.
    one-. I had ubuntu 16.04 and now I’m going to Makulu Core 15
    two-. How to move to Spanish completely Makulu Core 15
    three-. Where can I download a pdf manual in Spanish from Makulu Core 15.
    four-. Install shashlik_0.9.3 and it does not open, how can I solve this.
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    1. Good…

    2. When you install the OS, you can select whatever locales and Languages you need…
    After installation when you boot into the OS, open “Settings Manager” (you can find it in the bottom Dock with the cogwheel symbol). Now select “Languages”. Under “Language support” click on “Install / Remove Languages…”. If you need more languages, click on “Add…” and select the other languages you need. When that is done you should be back in the “Install / Remove Languages” Display. Now if the display shows your Languages aren’t fully installed, select that Language, then click on “Install language packs”. When that has finished, repeat the procedure for all the other languages that haven’t been fully installed. When done, all your languages should show a green text with “Fully installed“. After that close that window. Now under Language and Region, select the Language you need, then click on “Apply System-Wide”. Reboot, and most of your OS should be displayed in your prefered Language. Be aware that this won’t apply to everything, as not everything has been translated to all possible Languages.

    3. There are no PDF manuals in any Language for MakuluLinux Core. That shouldn’t be necessary as most things are pretty straight forward and simple. If you run into problems check the Website’s “Wiki” pages, there you can see some tutorials etc, but they are all in English. After all, the International accepted Language in IT is English.

    4. Sorry, no Idea, I never used shashlik…

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