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  • Jorge Castro
    Good morning. Rindi, Thanks for your help.
    I hope that in this way you understand.
    I am from Venezuela.
    one-. I had ubuntu 16.04 and now I’m going to Makulu Core 15
    two-. How to move to Spanish completely Makulu Core 15
    three-. Where can I download a pdf manual in Spanish from Makulu Core 15.
    four-. Install shashlik_0.9.3 and it does not open, how can I solve this.

  • Jorge Castro
    Good Night, Greetings, Dear Makulu Core 15 Users, I WAS Using Ubuntu 16.04 and I changed a Makulu Core 15, shashlik_0.9.3.deb Install (<b> is to provide a way to run Android applications on a standard Linux desktop of the simplest and easiest way possible. </ b>) and Anbox (puts the Android operating system in a container, abstracts access to the hardware and integrates the central services of the system into a GNU / Linux system.) Each Android application will be integrated with its operating system like any other native application.). FROM THESE TWO SOLO I COULD INSTALL THROUGH THE BUDGET MANAGER, BUT IT DOES NOT OPEN. What do you recommend to achieve v The installation
    I request information to pass the whole operating system a Spanish, including Desktop Messages.
    and the UN manual in Spanish of the User,
    I appreciate doing what can.
    Atte. georgeblacman
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)