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    I am sorry.
    I forgot to talk about that because I am used to it.

    I downloaded and installed the latest firmwares for AMDGPU for all the distributions I talked about.
    A classic case is when you do sudo update-grub, or sometimes during general updates.
    If those firmwares are missing, there is a message saying “Possible missing firmware in /lib/firmware/amdgpu…”

    Mostly, this also allow to know what is the right path where to put the firmware files 😉

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    Hi Guys,

    I just led a test over Debian 9.8
    I actually run a “factory” kernel

    I used the backports repo to get kernel installed.
    I confirm the problem is the same as soon as i restart Debian with kernel 4.19.

    Strictly the same as I encountered it through the latest Manjaro and Ubuntu 18.04.
    => Everything looks as if the screen was “on”.
    It is possible to send the mouse and everything to that screen
    It is possible to try to configure it differently through common display interface or through xrandr.
    But the screen will “NEVER” come up.

    In an other way, the screen is virtually OK for the system. But as it does not switch on, it is useless for the user I am.

    Both screens are OK up to Grub menu. Then I select an O/S with kernel 4.19.
    The problem takes place in the very first seconds after Grub launches initramfs.
    The second screen stops and never comes back up after that when the O/S is launched.

    I don’t know if that bug is already on the way to be patched.
    I suppose so.

    Does anybody know?

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    Just tried it. The expected configuration interface comes up when I plug the screen. But whatever the configuration I choose in it (mirrored displays, extent to the rights…) the configuration is used but the screen does not switch on.

    The previous versions of Linux I use have kernels older than 4.19

    I am strictly unable to say if this could come from a kernel problem. But I would be surprised to be the first one using two screens and having such a problem.

    However, this problem happens for Manjaro, Ubuntu 18.04.1 and Makulu. Maybe also for other distros I did not try. But, correct me if I am wrong, for Makulu and Manjaro, kernel is 4.19.

    So your comment about the kernel looks interesting.

    I am going to have a look to my Debian 9.8 which works fine actually. And I will see if I can update the kernel by degrees and look for a display malfunctioning.

    I will keep you in the loop.

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    Thanks for your answer 🙂

    In fact, I tried to use only one card for display for both screens. Main screen was on a adaptor Mini-DisplayPort to DVI and second screen was on plugged to DVI port. Same problem. Except in that case, first screen was OK on Mini-DP and second was not on DVI (not switched on). Both were however plugged on one and only video card.

    I did many tests attaching the outputs through xrandr. No way.
    xrandr looks OK. It shows the numerous screen resolutions regarding the graphical cards output. It shows the configuration used for the screen which is stopped. And adding a mode, linking it to an output, then enabling it gives nothing. It looks exactly as if everything was ok. But the screen does not come up.

    As it works on other Linux distros with mesa or proprietary driver, I did not make the tests which would have consisted in plugging both screen on the second video card nor the one consisting in taking a video card out from configuration.

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