Makulu Gamer is targeted at hardcore Gamers, it offers all the popular gaming platforms pre installed, pre configured and optimised native clients for pure speed, You only need to login and play. Combined with Elements ported from Shift that allows users to quickly and easy switch between a Dock and Panel based layout, not only does this OS provide the perfect gaming platform, but its also extremely beautiful and highly customisable.

Gaming platforms included :
The following gaming platforms are pre-installed and pre-configured, users can simply fire them up, login and play : Steam ( with proton ), Lutris, Itch, Heroic Launcher ( with epic games and GOG games support ), Geforce Now, RetroArch, Doxbox, GameHub, MiniGalaxy ( GOG client ), Wine ( Playonlinux ). These platforms are installed with their Native clients and are configured and optimised for pure speed.

Wine / Crossover :
Wine / Playonlinux is pre installed and configured, you can now simply double click .exe and .msi files out of the box, install and run windows applications and games that are supported by the Wine Emulator. This is a Must for hardcore gamers as many windows based games are supported by Wine, and while wine can be tricky to setup for new users, we have done all the groundwork for you, all working out of the box. Users who prefer Crossover instead of playonlinux can simply install it from the repository.

Beauty :
Makulu GameR comes with 110 Gaming wallpapers, all designed to fit and compliment the esthetically stunning looking desktop environment, You have the Milky Makulu Icon sets, 14 Themes and 2 Dark themes as well as 20 cursors that allow you to setup a beautiful desktop environment out of the box.

Customisable Desktop :
Makulu GameR borrows some elements from the GameR distro in terms of being able to change your desktop layout, You have 2 Layouts to choose from, a Dock Layout and a Panel layout, while the dock looks and appeals to the very modern user, the panel layout will make the traditional users feel right at home, you can also select color variations for the panel layout. On top of all this amazing customizability, users can also customise their layout and then save it as a new template.

Software Center :
The Software Center in Makulu Gamer fully supports both Flathub and Snaps, Users can install from a selection of Thousands & Thousands of great software and games with a few easy clicks.

Driver Support :
GameR sports a Huge selection of preinstalled drivers, from GPU’s to USB devices to Printers… Most, if not all your plug and play devices should work out of the box on GameR without much fuss.

Extension Support :
Various Extensions have been included, some used by various layouts and a few additional that users may want to enable, Because GameR is designed on the gnome framework, it support the use of gnome extensions, either make use of the current extensions or install your own, there is a huge selection available at the gnome extension web hub.

Special Effects :
Makulu GameR Also support Special Effects that give it an almost “Compiz” like feel, you can turn Special effect on/off via the Theme manager, these will enable wobbly windows and magic Lamp like effects in GameR.

Multimedia :
GameR is Multimedia Ready, We have ensured that all codecs and drivers are pre installed to give you a great multimedia experience, not only that but we also offers some nice streaming software that you can install directly from the Makulu repository, Hypnotix and Popcorn-Time are both available and Both optimized for the Makulu GameR and both easy to install and use.

Constructor Tool :
Makulu Constructor Tool is also included, This tool is simply AMAZING, it lets you turn your current OS back into a ISO to be installed on another Computer, preserving your desktop look and feel exactly as it was when you constructed the ISO. The constructor tool is now Fully automated, no more dozens of options that confuse users, now its a one click option. Click and the Constructor will do the rest, sit back and wait for your iso to pop out, it is completely Fully automated. There is also a nice video tutorial included.

We have spent a lot of time this year updating all our Scripts, Gui’s, Themes, Packages, Boot splash screen, Desktop layouts, Icon-sets, Wallpapers, Special Effects, Intro Video, Repository features, Fixing all the bugs that were reported and also making Makulu Distro’s Future proof.

Some Stand out Features :

  • Code Name : GameR
  • Base : MakuluLinux-U Hybrid Base ( Ubuntu Base )
  • Life Cycle : 2025 ( Ubuntu )
  • Main Repository : MakuluLinux
  • Secondary Repository : Ubuntu
  • Desktop Environment : Forked Gnome Framework.
  • Kernel : 5.15.xx ( upgradeable )
  • Architecture : 64Bit with 32Bit support ( 64Bit CPU is required )
  • 2 Unique Desktop Styles. ( Dock & Panel )
  • 1 Click Automated Switch between Layouts.
  • 110 Wallpapers.
  • 14 Icon Color Variation sets
  • 20 cursors
  • 14 GTK Themes ( 2 Dark )
  • 41 Extensions
  • Huge Driver Support
  • Some Software Pre-installed and Pre-configured out of the box, namely Wine, Playonlinux.
  • Required Disk Space : 20Gb+ minimum / 40GB+ more recommended
  • Required Ram : at least 2GB ( 4/8GB+ recommended )
  • Live username / password : makulu / makulu
  • Release Date : September 2022
  • Download size :3.5xxxGB

Gamer Teaser Video :

Download your Copy ( Click Here to Download ) Section or from the Download Section on the main page