MakuluLinux LeThe

Debian Testing Framework
Dock Based, 3D Animated Environment.
Codename : LeThe
Release Edition number : 14
Release Date of First Build : December 2017
Expected Release of Final Build : 2018
Release Type : Semi-Rolling
End of Life Date : Never
End of Support Date : 2020

LeThe is a Unique Dock based, Animated, 3D Desktop that offers users plenty of options and is highly configurable. It also runs on pure Debian, which makes it a Semi-Rolling release. As a side bonus, it makes Debian as easy to use as Ubuntu in many ways. It uses Xfce Backend, Compiz Window Manager, Nemo File Manager and a AWN Dock, an Odd combination that is designed for pure speed & eye candy at the same time. The dock enables unique web plugins that has an almost Mac OS feel to it. So the end result is a very interesting combination of elements that make this Unique desktop..

For more information and a quick run down on this Build, please watch the Video below. You can grab the ISO from the download section when ready.