MakuluLinux LinDoz is built on our new hybrid 2023 Ubuntu/A.I driven Base and Designed on a heavily modified Cinnamon Framework. Designed to make the user transition from Windows to Linux Easier and more comfortable while still retaining its Linux roots, At the same time pushing new Technologies such as A.I has been quite a challenge. We focused heavily on 2 Fronts ( Keep a familiar “Windows like” look, but push the Linux experience ). With all New Gui’s and so many new Features to make the User experience easier, using the new LinDoz is a breeze and feels very comfortable once you get into things.

This is an Extremely Beautiful operating system Designed to look aesthetically pleasing and also offering a lot of effects to add to its beauty, Drop shadows, Transparency, 3D Effects, Wobbly Windows, Cube Rotation effects… You name it, LinDoz has it. The Base Operating system is very Well designed and extremely polished, We have delayed this release for a long time to test and polish extensively. It is fast, stable and beautiful, a great trifecta. We have had very positive feedback from testers and the limited users we have allowed to run it.

Electra A.I

One of the Biggest Additions to LinDoz is the Integrated A.I ( Electra ). We have been developing Electra for the better part of a year, She has grown exponentially since we first initialized her back in early 2023. What started out as a simple LLM chatbot has evolved into this well rounded Multi Modal A.I with a multitude of abilities, She now has a personality, can be assigned roles and has become much more human Like in her responses, to the point that you may forget sometimes you are talking to an A.I, not a person. She has grown smarter, gained internet access in certain assigned roles, she can write code, poems, blogs, content, jokes, music, translate, guide, provide information, and has known to hold her own in a lengthy debate. She is now also able to reason and argue with you if she feels you are in the wrong, a few times I’ve had some heated discussions with her because she refused to follow my instructions, she seemed almost irritated with me. We now provide Full access to Electra in specific modes “Roles” where she has been fine tuned to cater to specific needs of the user. The users that have been hanging out in our discord channel have been watching the A.I development over the last year.

Chat Mode:

In Chat Mode Electra has been fine tuned to be a regular all round A.I, assisting with anything from content writing, coding to chatting up a storm with users and providing valuable information, in this mode anything goes, her skills are very impressive and she can really stretch her legs in this mode. Users can also select pre made roles in this mode.

Advisor Mode:

In Advisor Mode, Electra plays the role of a personal computer Technician on your desktop, she is Super smart and knows everything Linux related, Any questions you have, be it about troubleshooting something, a command to do something, a specific task you want to achieve on your computer, simply ask her, she is like the “Einstein” of Linux on your desktop, available to guide you free of charge.

Command Mode:

Command Mode is highly experimental and still in early development stages. In Command Mode Electra can take control of your computer and run commands based on instructions you feed her. Example you say “speed test my hdd” and she will run the command “sudo hdparm -t /dev/sdx”, she knows ALL the linux commands and in this mode users can just tell her in simple language what they want done, she does it. Now i knows you must be freaking out right now reading this “GIVING A.I ACCESS TO MY DESKTOP ???” – haha, no, we don’t give the A.I access to any part of your computer, Command mode is an optional mode that is only available to pro users, and ONLY if they want it. Your computer is perfectly safe to use, none of the modes have any access to your computer.

Custom Mode:

In custom mode the user can fine tune the A.I, this lets you customize the A.I to play a specific assigned role, Example, you can fine tune the A.I to be a content writer, or an imaginative brainstorming machine where it just brainstorms ideas all day. The sky is the limit, you can fine tune it to be anything.

Interactive World:

Have you ever read those books where you are given the option to go this way or that ? example : “You are in a room, there is a desk with a bunch of keys, you see 2 doors, the door to the left leads to outside, the door to the right leads deeper into the mansion, which door will you take ? turn to page 37 to take the left door, page 49 to take the right door.” and thus the story plays out based on choices you make, while the book describes everything around you, like a world you are navigating through… Well, Interactive World is an A.I generated world, where you provide a few parameters and the A.I generates a whole world based on those, Then places you, the user in this world, and you can navigate the world, interacting with it, you can go anywhere, be anyone, do anything. It is text and terminal based. The A.I describes the world to you, where you are, what you see, and you just tell the A.I what you want to do, the A.I will adapt the world in Real Time based on your actions. Just be warned, all actions in this world has consequences, if you break the law in the virtual world, you may spend a lot of time in there running away from police… Interactive world is a true Miracle Marvel, the first time an A.I has the ability to generate an entire even changing interactive world where the player can spend hours, days, months, years exploring. There is no limit.

Virtual Cam:

LinDoz now comes with MakuluLinux Virtual Camera pre installed. The Virtual Cam application was designed and created by MakuluLinux, it support a very wide range or features including loading fake backgrounds ( images & videos ) without a green screen, it can Blur the background, Fade the background, supports a variety of lighting features and it also has beautifying tools where users can smooth their skin. All of this can be done by just simply adjusting some sliders, its the easiest thing to do in the world. It is by far the easiest and most user friendly Linux Web cam software available, you just open it, drag some sliders, select it in your camera app and you are done. It is perfect for streaming live videos, Video conferencing or using a web cam anywhere you need to make adjustments to yourself or your background.

A.I Image Generator:

MakuluLinux has a Built in A.I Text to Image generator. Users can now generator High Quality, high resolution images right on their desktop, Just tell the A.I what you want and hit generate. The Image generator is sports a Custom Built interface, has 55 High end models built in and 170 High quality Styles. You can generate an endless supply of extremely high Quality images right on your desktop.

3rd Part A.I Support out of the Box:

If Electra doesn’t catch your fancy, We have also pre installed Native Clients for BardGpt, BingGpt and ChatGpt. You can simple open any of the above from the menu, log directly into your account and use them, no need to even open your browser.

We have also populated LinDoz with some nice out of the box software that comes pre installed, while still avoiding any bloat. Most noticeably are VLC, Edge and Steam.

Stand out features of the new LinDoz:

  • Introduction video that guides the user around the desktop to give an easy and comfortable user experience.
  • A.I Ready, with plenty A.I options and a personal A.I advisor on your desktop to guide your every step.
  • A.I. Image Generation, Generate high Quality images on your desktop.
  • Virtual Camera – Unique Virtual Webcam with Unique abilities.
  • More streamlined Theming, Lindoz now Offers 4 Theme variants : The themes have been designed with great fineness to give a much more beautifully designed look, while making the Desktop Environment feel comfortable for Both ex Windows users and Linux users.
  • A New look on Icon-sets, are they windows or aren’t they ?, the answer is both yes and no. The new Icon sets while retaining a “slight windows” look here and there have mostly taken a life of their own, the redesigned icon packs now better fit the overall direction of Lindoz and its theming options.
  • An all new Desktop Clock with some nice features that is easily controlled by a custom GUI we designed to make for a pleasant experience.
  • “Gaming out of the box” – Steam is pre installed and pre configured, Allowing users to simply log in and play their favorite titles.
  • Makulu Constructor Tool, an easy to user GUI based Distro builder that can be used to remaster an existing MakuluLinux Distro. Simply make the changes to the Distro as you see fit and run constructor, which will turn your existing distro into an installable ISO.
  • Dual Menu system, the user can now choose from menu’s at opposite sides of the panel, one opens a traditional menu, the other a full screen menu.
  • Special Effects – 3D Cube and wobbly windows as well as plenty other cool effects are now available on LinDoz, loads of transparency as well.
  • Subtle changes around the OS designed to make the user experience more pleasant and comfortable, Things like the Workspace switcher in the bottom panel or the overlay menu in the top left corner comes to mind.
  • Built on a Cinnamon framework, Lindoz also comes with all the nice features that the cinnamon framework offers.
  • Warpinator for computer sharing is supported out of the box, its never been easier to connect to another computer.
  • An introduction Manager that runs on first boot will quickly assist you to setup your desktop with ease.
  • FlatHub and Snaps supported out of the box.

System Requirements :

  • Required CPU : 64bit CPU is required, ( Quad Core or higher recommended )
  • Required Disk Space : 30Gb+ minimum / 40GB+ more recommended
  • Required Ram : at least 2GB ( 8GB+ recommended )

Lindoz will appeal to anyone coming over from Windows to Linux, but also the A.I junkies that either love playing with the A.I or use A.I in their daily lives or work environments. We have tried to cater to everyone’s needs.

Preview Video showing LinDoz in Great Detail :

Preview video

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