MakuluLinux LinDoz Is not designed to be a Clone of Windows, it is merely familiar territory for both Windows and Linux users, the themes aren’t replicas of windows, but mere “similar” designs. It doesn’t matter which environment you come from, when you log into LinDoz you get a familiar sense of belonging. We added just enough to make windows users feel comfortable, yet pushing them to explore the Linux world, Linux users will feel instantly at home, feeling comfortable with the terminal and rest of the tools and software, yet maybe enjoy the windows like themes and icon sets. Lindoz is also extremely beautiful, from the first logon you will simply fall in love with how pleasing it is on the eyes. LinDoz not only offers pretty themes and beautiful wallpapers, it also features a really cool and unique menu options and some other cool hidden goodies, Watch the included Video for more details…

Makulu LinDoz 2020 is a complete redesign of the Original Debian based LinDoz flavor. It is now built on top of the new MakuluLinux Constructor 2020 Base, Codenamed : “2020-U Base”, A Base that we spent a lot of time making and perfecting, possibly one of the fastest, most flexible and most stable bases floating around the net at the moment, not to mention it is near bug free. Unlike the its predecessor which used the Debian repositories, This base gets its core updates from Ubuntu Bionic with additional updates being supplied by Makulu Directly, unlike many other big developers that borrow their base from Debian or Ubuntu, we chose to instead build our own, this way we don’t inherit any known bugs that plague Ubuntu builds and since we built the base we know whats going on inside it, it also allowed us to optimize for speed and stability of our Builds, and it shows, it really shows, anyone who has run any of our builds have noticed how well they run… The Reason I mention the base at all will be relevant in Due time. Just know, this new 2020 Base is really Awesome, and that LinDoz is built on this new Base.

There also some other Key feature differences from its predecessor,  LinDoz now offers some cool and innovative ways of making access to key parts of the OS almost instantly, Makulu not only supplies core patches where needed, but we also host some key software in our repositories that adds to the end users experience. LinDoz now also supports Windows applications ( Wine ) right out of the box, You can now simply just double click an exe or msi file as you would in windows and run it. 32bit Library support has also been added to optimize Steam and gaming experience, You can now start gaming straight out of the box without having to go through huge manuals of instructions to set it up. Steam Proton is also fully supported, As is Flatpak and SnapD.

LinDoz also comes pre-loaded with most daily used software, We have spent a lot of time researching which software packages are used on a daily basis by Linux users, Then trimmed down that list to what is needed to comfortably operate the OS without it becoming bloatware, the end result is a nicely rounded OS with a good selection of software out of the box.

We have also catered to the Disadvantaged people that rely on screen readers or need to magnify their desktops. LinDoz now comes with a Screen Reader, Magnifier and an Onscreen Keyboard pre-configured and ready to use out of the box.

We spent a LOT of time on Detail and it really shows, Users will have a lot of fun exploring MakuluLinux Lindoz 2020 and they will especially enjoy the plush feel to this OS…

  • Developer : MakuluLinux

  • Edition : 2020

  • Code Name : LinDoz

  • Build Number 2020.02.21

  • Base : MakuluLinux-2020-U Base

  • Life Cycle : 3 Years, 2020 – 2023

  • Main Repository : MakuluLinux

  • Secondary Repository : Ubuntu Bionic

  • Desktop Environment : Cinnamon

  • Kernel : 5.3.xx

  • Architecture : 64Bit with 32Bit support ( 64Bit CPU is required )

  • Required Disk Space : at least 10GB ( 20Gb or more recommended )

  • Required Ram : at least 2GB ( 4GB+ recommended )

  • Live username / password : makulu / makulu

  • Release Date : February 2020

  • Download size :2.xx GB

For more information on Key differences to previous builds, please see the video included :

Known Issues :

It has been reported that some testers experienced mixed results when booting with 2 or more monitors plugged into the system while booting, This seems to be a driver issue with certain kernel builds on certain hardware. If you experience a long delayed boot experience and you use multi monitor, we recommend you disconnect one monitor and then reconnect it after boot up as well as using ukuu to change to a kernel that better suits your system. The current kernel included in this build seems to not suffer from this issue.

If you are installing to a VirtualBox, Please make sure to set the GPU on the virtual Machine to VBoxSVGA, and NOT VMSVGA, The new build of VirtualBox now supports a wider range of GPU drivers and defaults to VMSVGA, please make sure to set the correct Driver ( VBoxSVGA ).

As I am sure you guys are aware, I am based in Vietnam which has been BADLY affected by the Corona-virus by shutdowns, Internet problems, Shortages and as we speak, 10,000 Vietnamese and a further 5000+ Chinese here are currently in Lock-Down ( Quarantine ). A further 87,000 people who had close contact with people coming from Wuhan in China are also being monitored, but are not placed under quarantine at the time of me writing this, so you can imagine the chaos this has created here. We have planned 10 builds for release this year and we hope that none of them get delayed by the after effects of this epidemic, we are working hard to stay on target. We also pray for everyone infected, that they make a full recovery and that they find a treatment for this Virus soon, It is terrible what China and all its neighboring countries are currently going through. However, the project has also been affected by this epidemic, Finances have not been great the last 2 months for the project, and Donations are virtually non existent. We ask that if you can donate, please do so, we would really appreciate it. You have no idea how badly it is needed and every cent helps, a few $$ can go a long way…

Please Take a Minute to Donate to the Project via paypal before you Download ( links open in new page  )

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Here you can watch a in depth Video of Makulu LinDoz 2020 :

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New Version Coming Soon ….

As a Final Footnote, I just want to point out that As we slowly reveal more and more of our projects this year, it is expected that we may make some changes to the existing ones. The list is yet undecided, it may or may not affect LinDoz going forward next year, We have no idea yet at this point how it will effect our existing projects. We are working on some projects with VERY big potential and everything has to be prioritized, We are very much looking forward to show off all we have been keeping quiet for so long, So keep a look out for that.

We hope you enjoy using MakuluLinux LinDoz Edition, and please remember to support the project, we rely on your donations to stay afloat and keep things free…