MakuluLinux LinDoz

Ubuntu LTS
Cinnamon 3.2.x
Codename : LinDoz
Release Edition number : 14
Release Date of First Build : 2016
Expected Release of Final Build : 2018
End of Life Date : 2021
End of Support Date : 2021

Using Ubuntu LTS as a Base Framework, MakuluLinux LinDoz Edition is designed to Offer a similar look and feel to the Windows Environment, Altho some nice welcomed changes are visible, for starters a Unique Menu, Speed Disk, Constructor and some other great Features that make this Build stand out. Extremely Beautiful, Makulu LinDoz really offers the user an Easy and comfortable environment with everyday Software pre installed and ready to use out of the Box. This stunning Desktop will make any Windows user feel right at home, while any linux user will find the beauty and design extremely comfortable to use.

For more information and a quick run down on this Build, please watch the Video below. You can grab the ISO from the download section when ready.