Disk Encryption Installation


This Wiki Explains how to setup disk encryption when installing the OS. This should work with all iso’s since 24-06-2019. Be aware that using the MakuluLinux Constructor on an encrypted disk probably won’t work, and to save your data before doing a reinstallation, or you risk loosing your saved files as your decryption file will be missing.


Setup Instructions

Boot from your is as you would normally, then start the installation as normal too.

When you get to the partitioning setup, select “Manual Partitioning”.

After that make sure to delete the partition you want to use encryption on (if it already exists).

Now Create a new partition and enable the encryption option. Enter the password you will want to use, and confirm it.

After that you can continue with the installation as normal.

When installed, and you are rebooting to the newly installed OS, you’ll get asked for the password to open up your encrypted partition:

Once you have entered the password, the booting procedure will continue as normal.