MakuluLinux Shift, the World’s FIRST fully transformable Operating system. Transform your operating system between 8 Desktop Environments with a Click of a button, within seconds your whole OS is transformed, along with Menu’s, Docks, Icon sets, Cursors, Panels, Styles, Themes… Your whole Desktop changes before your eyes. Select between 8 Unique Environments “LinDoz, Core, Flash, Simple, Dash, Unity, Plasma and Gnome”. Each Environment with its own Unique look and feel. Included are 8 Unique Layouts that consist of 330 Wallpapers, 92 Icon sets, 20 Cursors, 14 GTK Themes, Various Docks, Panels and Menu’s. This is a Truly Unique OS, It is a 1 Click Transformation, no internet needed, no scripts to download or run, nothing to configure. Click a button and your Whole world transforms in seconds.

Not only can users shift between Layouts, but users can create their own unique layout and add it to the existing collection. There are Video tutorials included to guide the users through the process.

Shift is Built on a Debian Testing base which means users will get semi rolling updates for as long as the OS exists or until We anounce a new Release Build. Shift is developed on the Gnome Framework and fully supports the new Gnome 40 and its features.

Some great Software comes pre installed to give the user a complete out of the box experience, We have tried not to Bloat the OS, but to make sure that the everyday software that majority of users will make use of is already pre installed and pre configured. Wine is already preinstalled and configured, users can now simply run Windows software sby simply opening the executable file as they would on a windows platform. We have also included the Full WPS office suite to take care of all your office needs. Hypnotix and Popcorn-time are also preinstalled and preconfigured for an out of the box streaming experience.

The Software Center in Makulu Shift fully supports both Flathub and Snaps, Users can install from a selection of Thousands & Thousands of great software and games with a few easy clicks.

Makulu Shift also provides some great backend applications that make life on Debian easier, Driver manager, Keyboard manager and Language manager are some prime examples of tools that make the end user experience easier on Makulu Debian.

Shift sports a Huge selection of preinstalled drivers, from GPU’s to USB devices to Printers… Most, if not all your plug and play devices should work out of the box on Shift without much fuss.

Various Extensions have been included, some used by various layouts and a few additional that users may want to enable, Because shift is designed on the gnome framework, it support the use of gnome extensions, either make use of the current extensions or install your own, there is a huge selection available at the gnome extension web hub.

Makulu shift Also support Special Effects that give it an almost “Compiz” like feel, you can turn Special effect on/off via the Theme manager, these will enable wobbly windows and magic Lamp like effects in Shift.

Makulu Constructor Tool is included, This tool is simply AMAZING, it lets you turn your current OS back into a ISO to be installed on another Computer, preserving your desktop look and feel exactly as it was when you constructed the ISO. The constructor tool is now Fully automated, no more dozens of options that confuse users, now its a one click option. Click and the Constructor will do the rest, sit back and wait for your iso to pop out, it is completely Fully automated.

I am constantly starting new projects and also reviving old projects, I have a few that I keep on the back-burner. They get put there for any number of reasons, Design problems, Stability issues, 3rd party developers, abandoned code Issues etc etc … One such project we actually previously released is MakuluLinux Shift. Shift was an Idea to combine all our Existing distro’s into one Transformable OS to replace the existing distro’s, This was the goal of Shift, to “shift from one Distro to the next” with a click of a button, hence the name “Shift”.

MakuluLinux Shift – a Beautiful, Flexible, Transformable Operating System that Utilizes the Plugin Power of a Gnome Framework. Sporting Beautiful and Bright Colors that Enhances the appearance, variety of Theme selections and coupled with some nice transparency in all the right places, Shift doesn’t disappoint in Esthetics. Transform your whole desktop with the click of a button, Change between 8 Unique layouts including switching from a Panel based Desktops to a Dock based with a Single click, MakuluLinux Shift is truly a very flexible Operating system. Dozens of beautiful Custom Gui’s that give you more control over your OS in all the right places to make a difference, This makes MakuluLinux Shift feel comfortable and makes for a very smooth user experience. We design all our Operating systems off a custom built Hybrid base, and this base is designed to be stable and snappy. MakuluLinux shift is no different, you will instantly notice how quick and seamless the user experience is, The Plugin system makes Shift feel almost like a popping OS, with everything popping in or out of focus as you click your way around the desktop. Just moving around the desktop is like Belgium Chocolate melting in your mouth…

Currently Shift is being Released on Debian, an Ubuntu Variant is in the works and will be released at a later date.

  • Some Stand out Features :
  • 8 Unique Desktop Styles.
  • 1 Click Automated Switch between Layouts.
  • 330 Wallpapers.
  • 92 Icon sets
  • 20 cursors
  • 14 GTK Themes
  • 41 Extensions
  • Huge Driver Support
  • Some Great Software Pre-installed and Pre-configured out of the box.
  • Information :
  • Code Name : Shift
  • Build Number 2021.08.10
  • Base : MakuluLinux-D Hybrid Base ( Debian Testing )
  • Life Cycle : Semi Rolling
  • Main Repository : MakuluLinux
  • Secondary Repository : Debian Testing
  • Desktop Environment : Gnome Framework with Support for Gnome 40.
  • Kernel : 5.11.xx
  • Architecture : 64Bit with 32Bit support ( 64Bit CPU is required )
  • Required Disk Space : 10Gb+ minimum 15GB+ more recommended
  • Required Ram : at least 2GB ( 4GB+ recommended )
  • Live username / password : makulu / makulu
  • Release Date : August 2021
  • Download size :2.5.xx GB
  • Important Things to know :
  • The layout Manager, Desktop Clock, Themes & 3D options can be accessed on the desktop, simply right click on the desktop and select themes from the context menu.
  • The menu’s can be resized quite easily, if you are using a 4K display on a smaller device, menu’s can be resized by simply right clicking on menu, open options and find the size settings, you can drag the sliders to increase the width and height, the rest of the menu will scale as you set the size.
  • When booting up in Live mode only, it may take a few moments to go past the login screen depending on your hardware, this is due to some information that is displayed before login that delays boot a few moments, just be patient and let it boot. It only delays in Live mode Boot, Once installed there is no boot delay.
  • The Intro Video shows you VITAL information about Shift, where to find features in menu’s, how to change layouts and so forth, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you do NOT skip the intro video during Live Boot.

Final Words :
As I am sure you guys are aware, I am based in Vietnam which has been BADLY affected by the Corona-Virus by shutdowns, Internet problems, Shortages and as we speak, Vietnam is experiencing a 4th wave that has put us back into Lock-Down, for how long I have no idea, I have not had a salary for 4 months, and had to dip deep into my savings just to get through, it has not been an easy year at all, and I know the same applies to millions around the world. I have tried to stay positive and used this time to focus all my efforts into MakuluLinux and as such I hope this release reflects my dedication to this project. We also pray for everyone infected, that they make a full recovery and that they find a treatment for this Virus soon, It is terrible what the world is currently going through, but at the same time its also so great to see so many people unite in such difficult times, families coming together and people and countries going out of their way to help others, it really shows the best sides of Humanity in such dark times. However, this does not change the fact that Finances have not been great for the project this year, and Donations are virtually non existent. We ask that if you can donate, please do so, we would really appreciate it. You have no idea how badly it is needed and every cent helps, a few $$ can go a long way…

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