MakuluLinux Core Development Logs recorded from the Last Major Milestone ( 09-03-2021 ) to Current.


  • Added a Unstable Repository to Debian shift, this will be used for any Debian patches sent out to testers, it is enabled by default. The ubuntu version of Shift already has this implemented, the Debian shift is simply getting its own.
  • Big updates to the makulu patcher, users will now simply see a red clickable “!” in the bottom panel if we send out custom patches. click the icon to patch, it’s very straight forward.
  • MANY MANY MANY changes to the Layout manager Backend, added a lot of checks and triggers to enable a smooth transformation of switching between environments. 
  • Add a little Message notifier box in the center of the screen that now tells the user the desktop is being transformed.
  • All background images now have a “prefix” to the wallpaper names, that is to make sure that custom wallpapers added by users don’t conflict with existing wallpapers, it also makes it easy to identify which environment wallpapers belong to.
  • Cursors have now been added, there are now a total of 20 cursors available in the theme manager for the user to choose from, simply click a cursor image to change. once set the cursor will remain as the default, even after reboots ( unless you change layouts which resets to the layout cursor. ).
  • Layout manager GUI has had some changes, it’s now a lot neater, streamlined and just feels a smoother experience.
  • Layout manager icon can now also be found on the desktop.
  • Wine is now installable in Both the Ubuntu and debian variants of Shift.
  • Currently Shift Debian is running on the gnome 3.38.xx Framework, whereas the Shift Ubuntu is on 3.36 framework.  
  • Currently Shift Debian is running on Kernel 5.10.xx and Shift Ubuntu on kernel 5.11.xx, However where as the Debian build is on the standard kernel maintained by Debian, the Ubuntu variant is using the Ukuu Mainline Kernel.
  • Both builds are also running on different builds of the Constructor Tool due to some radical differences between them, for example: the Kernel for Debian is Gzip compressed, while the Ubuntu kernel is Lz4 compressed… the list goes on and on…
  • Which really just means that there are FUNDAMENTALLY MASSIVE differences between these builds that makes maintaining both very time consuming since I have to work on 2 fronts, it’s not just a simple case of making changes to one build and copying the changes over.  However, Both builds are now running very smoothly and are really hard to tell apart on the front end.
  • Started laying the groundwork for Gnome 40 framework compatibility, This right now is the biggest concern of what changes may be needed to fully adapt to gnome 40 framework, time will tell. I think Ubuntu Shift is safe as i dont think gnome 40 will enter the 20.04 repositories, however it will definitely hit the Debian testing repo at some stage. it’s best to continue work on both builds for now.


  • Unlike previous Builds, this is Shift DEBIAN, the first Debian build of shift.
  • This Debian build is on par with our Ubuntu Based Shift counterpart, in fact there are some things in this build I have yet to port over to shift Ubuntu now.
  • More work done on the layout manager, removed some useless text, neatened up the gui in general and updated the preview pics to reflect the layout changes.
  • LOTS and LOTS of backend work on layout profile manager, I have now started porting code into separate script plugins that would allow certain parts of the layout transformation process to be updated and changed separately to the rest of the app. This is done to allow users more control over creating their own layout profiles. 
  • Users can now update the layouts as they wish, simply select a layout, then make your changes as you want, move your panel or dock, change colors, change transparency, add/remove favorites, enable/add/remove extensions, change wallpapers, change mouse cursors, change icons…. when you are done, simply update the layout and it will be saved as the new default. the next time that layout is selected it will load your personal saved layout profile.
  • The layout preview picture can now also be updated. users can simply take a screenshot of their desktop and cut the size down to 200×156 and replace the existing layout profile preview picture.
  • The Layout profile clock color can now be set as well. This is handy because users are setting their default layout profile wallpaper that may be very light or dark in color, you obviously want to see the clock clearly, so you can set the default clock to load with the layout.
  • I’m also working on some more updates to the layout manager, I want the user to have more control over stuff like wallpaper selections as well. Expect more changes to layout manager as we go along. Right now it’s an AWESOME piece of software that is truly unique in design.
  • More changes to the backend of constructor, new Compression reduces the ISO even further, We started at 2.4GB, reduced to 2GB and now down to 1.77GB. Considering there is even more inside the ISO now than there was when it was 2.4GB its a really nice achievement.
  • The layout profiles themselves are filling out nicely, Lindoz, Core and flash are virtually almost complete and fully functional, the remaining 3 profiles ( Dash, Simple & Unity ) are slowly filling out, with each update you’ll notice more and more changes. over the course of the next few weeks / Months i will complete them all.
  • Intro Manager has also started getting a little attention, since the Debian packages are different from Ubuntu I had to adapt it accordingly. 
  • Many new Mouse cursors available, 20 in total, users can now simply open the theme manager and enjoy the selection at their fingertips.
  • Many Many  tweaks around the system adopting Shift Ubuntu scripts to the Debian system, also some fixes that affected our Ubuntu Base where we share software like the Mint software sources and such apps. Any fixes applied to any software has been ported over as well.


  • 6 Stunningly Beautiful Layouts now available in Shift. ( LinDoz, Flash, Core, Dash, Simple & Unity ). Each layout now comes with its own Backgrounds, icon sets, cursors, menu styles, panels / docks… color variations and transparency. no internet is required to change between them, no scripts to run, no configuration, simply just click a button and the process is automated. This is an insane amount of work that has gone into these Profiles.
  • The Layout profiles are so well designed that users will feel that they are actually in those Desktop environments.
  • LinDoz, Flash and Core are mostly complete, Simple, Dash and Unity are work in progress, they are finished style wise, but backgrounds are still being worked on.
  • Users can now also access the Layout Manager via the right click desktop menu.
  • Users can now also update the Layout profiles ( the tutorial video is not yet linked, it will be linked in the next build ).
  • The Themes Manager has undergone a MASSIVE rewrite on the backend, each profile now has a different Icon and GTK theme pack, when users open the theme manager and select a color it detect and will change the GTK themes and Icon themes for the current layout. The mouse cursors in the Theme manager is still work in progress, those should be finished by the next build.
  • New options in the Extension in the panel, users can now rotate the screen between landscape / portrait modes quite easily with a simple click.
  • Intro video updated, additionally when the user now boots into live Mode ( and first time boot into install mode ) the Layout manager should pop up and ask the user to set their preferred style.
  • Added Hypnotix player, you can find it in the main menu.
  • Some updates to the Constructor Tool, With ALL these icon sets, backgrounds, cursors and style packages ( these on their own are nearly 1GB in size ), I still managed to keep the ISO at around 2GB on a gnome framework, it’s almost unheard of…


  • The new Shift Build has been updated to our new Base, MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY packages updated. It is now on Par with LinDoz and Core in terms of Repository and patching support.
  • Added the Conky Desktop Clock feature, it works in much the same way as it does in Lindoz and core, the clock is on the desktop and can be managed through the desktop clock GUI from the right click menu.
  • Started working on new Desktop Layouts, Have added a “Core” and “Unity” options, Users can switch between the layouts quite easily. The current layouts are still work in progress and will be tweaked over time.
  • Layouts now change much quicker due to optimisations, no longer will the screen have a 2 to 6 second delay with multiple flickers to change layouts. There may still be a second or so delay, but the process is seamless and feels more natural now.
  • Started working on a new Intro video to show the new Layouts.
  • When users now first boot into Live mode you will get the intro video, when the intro video ends or user manually exits, The layout Manager Gui will automatically pop up and ask the user to select his desired Layout. The same thing happens when the user logs in for the first time AFTER installation. it will never pop up again after that unless the user requests it.
  • Updated the theme packs to bring them on par with Core and Lindoz.
  • Added the Button animation to Themes.