MakuluLinux Shift Edition :

  • Distro : MakuluLinux
  • Edition : 14
  • CodeName : Shift
  • Build Number 91
  • Base : Debian
  • Architecture : 64Bit
  • Required Disk Space : Recommended at least 10GB
  • Required Ram : Recommended at least 1GB
  • Release Date : January 2018
  • Download size :  1.65GB

MakuluLinux Shift, Running on an Extremely Fast & Stable Debian Base that has been more than a Year in the making. This is the First Build to be built using the Powerful Makulu Constructor Debian Kit. Simple, Beautiful and Elegant, A Debian based Cinnamon build focused on Pure Raw Speed. Cinnamon on Debian is Rare, on the Makulu Debian Base it is simply Magical… Gaming, Video Editing, Graphic design, Office work, Multi Media, It doesn’t matter which Environment its used, it outperforms in every department. Pre-installed with a good balance of every day software, Shift is designed to be used straight out of the box, Complete Theme sets are included for the user to customize their Desktop. This OS is Designed for Pure Speed and Stability and is Highly Customizable. It Simply Just works…

For more information and a quick run down on this Build, please watch the Video below. You can grab the ISO from the download section when ready.