Shift & LinDoz New Builds are now Available

Both MakuluLinux shift and MakuluLinux LinDoz has had a new round of ISO files released to public today, these new releases Address bugs reported over the last 8 weeks, including also patches for Spectre / Meltdown as well as the following highlighted features :

  • Fix all Reported Bugs since first public release.
  • New and Better Software Management.
  • New and Better update Management.
  • Snapd Support.
  • FlatPak Support.
  • Full Wine Staging now Supported.
  • New Constructor/Installer Changes Implemented.
  • New MakuluLinux Multiple Mirror Repo Support.
  • VirtualBox support.
  • More Optimisations.

Grab you latest copy from the download section. The bug fixes that could be back-ported to users of the previous builds has been or will be back-ported. But as always, to make use of all the new features it is Highly recommended to install the latest ISO.

We Now also provide a OVA Prebuilt Virtual Machine that can just be imported into your Virtual software like Virtualbox, this makes it so much easier for reviewers and virtualbox users to just import MakuluLinux.