Makulu Core Is Live !

MakuluLinux Core is now Live and Ready for the World, You can read more information and grab your copy by CLICKING HERE.

We hope you Enjoy using Core and have a Great experience, Remember to watch the 2 videos included at the above link as they will guide you on your journey …

Also please support the project with a donation if your like our work, this project could really do with some financial assistance and it would be greatly appreciated. You can donate easily via the donate button in the top menu.


  1. Eric Welch

    Works well live but unfortunately the installer seems to be broken. Click on install, menu to choose software appears, authentication, makulu entered, then nothing happens.

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  3. chrisfromgreece

    very nice distro ! I like your work , it has new kernel, new graphics drivers ,mesa etc etc
    Why don’t you move the makulu linux to cinnamon ? to a more modern desktop environment ?

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