Gnome Terminal Issues & Fix

Some Gnome Terminal users seem to be affected by the latest Patches, where the terminal simply doesn’t open when you click on it. Here is a quick and Easy fix :

First, you need to access a different terminal, so either install xterm or mate-terminal from software center or synaptic package manager, but keeping a fallback terminal is always a good idea, so install a secondary terminal and open it up after install. now enter the following commands in order :

  • sudo apt install dconf-cli
  • dconf reset -f /org/gnome/terminal
  • sudo apt-get remove gnome-terminal
  • sudo apt-get install gnome-terminal
  • sudo locale-gen –purge
  • sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales

Lastly – reboot your Computer, Gnome Terminal should now be fully operational again.

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