LinDoz March Patch !

We have just sent out a Patch for LinDoz 2020, This patch addresses many issues that have been reported over the last month. To patch is simple, when you see the red icon near the clock ( on the right, on bottom panel, near the clock ) click it, when the patch window opens, you can read the patch notes, then click the update button. Its an easy process, it may take a while depending on internet speed as its quite a large patch, Let it finish.

We hope you continue to have a great experience using MakuluLinux Lindoz 2020. And keep reporting any issues you may have and we will work quickly to fix them.

And don’t forget, if you are happy with our work, support the project with a donation, we are trying very hard to build a cash flow. You can either donate via paypal or become a patreon. Click Here to Donate to the Project


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