Our Third Release of the 15 Series and our First Release of 2019, Its been a long road for the MakuluLinux Project, Through the years we have always tried to make something that was easy to use, Simple in its Complexity and Beautiful at its Core. Trying to find that Unique Balance of Stability, Raw Power, Extreme Speed, Pure Beauty and an Absolute Ease to Use… These are the Features We focused on when creating this masterpiece, they make Core stand out from the rest.

What is Core ? – Core is a very Modern OS, A Dual Menu, Dual Dock, Mouse Driven Gesture OS. It is designed to be Traditional while at the same time cater to the next generation of Linux users. It doesn’t matter if you are a long time Linux user or if you are using Linux for the first time, you will have a great experience with using Makulu Core, Navigating around the Desktop has never been easier. The Optional Gesture System will let users navigate their computers with barely even having to touch a keyboard if that is their wish, The more Traditional users don’t have to enable gestures, they can simply use the operating system in much the same way they are used to navigating Linux. Core Also offers many “Instant Access” features like a one click wallpaper changer or one click 3D option, easily control every aspect of your OS with a simply few clicks. Core is designed for extreme ease of use and comfort. For more information watch the videos in this post to see it in action. It is a Truly beautiful OS that has it all…

Stand out Features :

  • Base : Makulu 15 Series Debian Base.
  • Rolling Release Support : Yes
  • Desktop Environment : Core Forked from Xfce.
  • Kernel : 4.19.xx.
  • Architecture : 64Bit.
  • Current Build Date : 2019-01-25.
  • Hot corner Support : Yes.
  • Menu Selection : Dual Menu, Hot Corner Triggered.
  • Dock : Dual dock Based.
  • Gestures : Mouse Driven Gesture System.
  • 3D Support : Built in Compiz & Emerald System.
  • Driver Support : Huge Driver support out of the box.
  • Ram Requirements : Recommended 1GB or more.
  • Space Requirements : Recommended 10Gb storage
  • Easter Eggs : Leave your pc idle for about 10 minutes and find out…

Known Issues :

The right Dock Panel ( which is an Xfce based Panel that houses all the system notifications ). If you open the settings of the right dock, it shows a settings icon on the bottom dock, sometimes when you close the settings the icon remains in bottom dock. This is just a graphical glitch, this can be removed when you re-log or reboot your system. We will address this issue in a future update. As Stated above, its just a graphical glitch, it cannot harm your system at all.

Download the ISO :

Download From SourceForge  : 


Download From MakuluLinux Directly  :


MD5  : 886e7f8a0e9a0e0fd94fea8413e2ef40

SHA1 : 352f92ebd0178c7f5ff1a0d12ba97f72bf3620d9

While Downloading you may want to watch this “Introduction Video” that shows you around the Core Desktop :

We really hope you Enjoy using Makulu Core. And please remember to support the project if you like our work. You can donate at the link below :