LinDoz Logs from 2021-10-12 ( last major milestone ) to Present :

Date : 2021/11/06

  • Updated Cinnamon again, from 4.86 to 5.05. We are now running on the newest Cinnamon framework available.
  • Updated Nemo from  again, from 4.86 to 5.05
  • Tweaks to the Themes, Menu, Icons, Panel, Spacers etc etc to adjust to the new Cinnamon Framework.
  • Updated applets to be compatible with the new framework.
  • Started implementing the framework for Sponsors, this is a new feature that we will be implementing to all our builds, it can be accessed via the desktop manager at this time, but we will look at other ways to expand this system.

Date : 2021/11/05

  • Fixed reported issue with Constructor Tool not removing cache and files correctly.
  • Updated Cinnamon framework from 4.8.2 to 4.8.6
  • Updated Nemo from 4.8.2 to 4.8.6
  • Updated driver manager to 1.5.7
  • Updated various applets to be compatible with new Cinnamon framework.
  • Some minor tweaks to themes to be compatible with new Cinnamon framework.
  • Increased panel height slightly from 46 to 47, this feels more comfortable on larger displays.
  • removed an annoying spacer on the bottom panel that was responsible for things feeling just a little off.
  • Updated the LinDoz build numbers to properly display as intended, it kept reflecting only in some areas but not all, it now correctly displays LinDoz 2021.
  • Pre installed Neofetch

Date : 2021/11/03

  • Fixed issue with startup where the intro videos and managers would always boot up even after install.
  • Fixed some spacing issues in the bottom panel, You will notice that everything spaces much better now.
  • Increased the menu button icon slightly to better align with the rest of the panel icons.
  • Redesigned the Desktop Manager ( formerly portal manager ) to be more in line with the same design we use for shift, it has a very similar look.
  • Added Discord app.
  • Added Wine and Wine Tricks
  • Added Playonlinux
  • Added Evince document viewer.
  • Windows apps should just work out of the box now, pretty much the same way they did before on the old LinDoz build.
  • Some optimizations to slightly decrease resource usage.

Date : 2021-11-01

  • More changes to the main menu, The categories, Application and Power buttons are now scaled to better give a more streamlined look.
  • some tweaks to general themes to give a more polished look.
  • Updated packages and kernel to newest version.

Date : 2021-10-12

  • Added “Cinnamon” support to the Constructor tool, Previously it was not specifically making the proper system checks for the cinnamon desktop files, it now does.
  • Added a “welcome” screen that pops up before the portal manager.
  • Added back the old “Donate” options screen we previously used.
  • Both Welcome and Donate screen were previously discontinued because Linux removed support for Python 2, I had to adapt and update these to be compatible with Python 3.
  • Upgraded Kernel to 5.11.0-37
  • Added the application “mainline”, which can be found in the main menu, this lets users update the kernel easy to the latest available kernel from the linux foundation.
  • Some Tweaks to the Portal manager itself, you’ll notice some additional text boxes to guide users, as well as some changes to button placements etc etc.
  • Some changes in how the triggers handle the First boot process after installation have been updated.
  • Updated many packages in the OS itself.
  • Due to some Optimizations the ISO size has decreased down to just 1.82GB ( of course it will increase again soon when we start populating the os with pre installed apps. )