MakuluLinux Droid is Designed to bring Android support to Makulu. You can run APK files straight out of the box, simply double click them to run the same way you would on a native Android System. Makulu Droid Desktop is Loosely designed on the Core Desktop Design, with similar Theming and Desktop layout, built on our Ubuntu hybrid 2021 Base and Designed on a heavily modified  Gnome Framework.

The Layout of Makulu Droid Compliments the System of combining both Linux and Android on a single Desktop, The bottom dock houses favorite icons, the top panel houses a Main Menu, System icons and User Extensions.

MakuluLinux Droid has Full Google Support, You will find some Google apps preinstalled, namely Google Playstore, Google News, Google Maps, Gmail and Google Games. Users only need to log into the Playstore for all the other google apps to Sync their personal accounts and settings from the Cloud. It is all automated and pre configured just like as if you were running an Android Phone or Tablet. 

Desktop Right Click Menu – Droid now also sports some nice GUI’s to manage wallpapers, the Desktop Clock and Layout options. With one click you can change the preferred layout of your desktop and move the panel / dock and menus top, bottom and the system will automatically adjust and scale everything accordingly, the whole process is automated. You can find these cool options in the desktop right click menu ( right click on the desktop to bring up the menu ).

Droid also sports some special effects like Wobbly windows, Magic lamp and Window transparency, these effects can be turned on/off anytime via the Theme manager on the desktop ( again, you can access the theme manager from the right click menu on the desktop ).

Droid comes with very minimal Software pre installed, leaving software selection choices mostly for the user to setup for themselves, The software center included supports Snaps and Flathub so users will have PLENTY software to choose from. We have however included quite a bit of backend software and a huge selection of drivers to support many devices out of the box. 

Stand out features of the new Droid 2021:

  • Introduction video that guides the user around the desktop to give an easy and comfortable user experience. ( RECOMMEND you watch this ).
  • More streamlined Theming, The themes have been designed with great fineness to give a much more beautifully designed look, while making the Desktop Environment feel comfortable for users.
  • Dual Dock / Panel that supports drag, drop and extension features.
  • An all new Desktop Clock with some nice features that is easily controlled by a custom GUI we designed to make for a pleasant experience.
  • Makulu Portal quickly and easily guides users to seek assistance or connect to staff or other end users without much effort.
  • Built on the Gnome framework, Core offers many nice features out of the box.
  • Warpinator for computer sharing is supported out of the box, it’s never been easier to connect to another computer.
  • FlatHub and Snaps supported out of the box.
  • Nice and easy to access Desktop right click menu that offers instant access to many useful parts of the OS.
  • Base : Makulu 2021 Series Hybrid Ubuntu Base.
  • Desktop Environment : Droid built on a heavily modified Gnome Framework
  • Kernel : 5.11.xx.
  • Architecture : 64Bit.
  • Current Build Date : 2021-08-25.
  • Dock : Dual dock/Panel Based.
  • Extension support – Yes
  • Gestures : Mouse Driven Gesture System with Touch screen Support.
  • 3D Support : Built in Compiz type effects.
  • Themes : 23 Beautiful Theme Variations with Icon sets and Mouse Cursors to Match.
  • Driver Support : Huge Driver support out of the box.
  • Ram Requirements : Recommended 2GB or more.
  • Space Requirements : Recommended 25Gb storage
  • Easter Eggs : Right click Desktop Menu, Packed full of goodies, simply right click anywhere.

Known Issues :

Both Anbox and Gestures system do not work properly in VirtualBox, It is NOT recommended to run Makulu Droid in VirtualBox, however it runs fine in Vmware.

After First install and First bootup, users may experience issues with logging into Play store, simply reboot your pc a second time to initiate the Bridge connections for Anbox.

This is an Experimental Build of MakuluLinux Droid, while we do not expect many issues, some may exist, please run at your own risk.

We use Anbox to bring the Android experience to Makulu Droid, therefore the Applications and Games supported by Anbox is not something under our control, some applications and games may run while others do not, You will need to test and experiment and query app and game support with Anbox developers directly..

Changes in Latest ISO :

  • Updated Constructor Tool To support newest options as per the new Constructor tool changes.
  • Added Build Number to Distro, it now shows the Build number in Info page.
  • Added GTK4 support.
  • Fixed issues with Layout Manager that caused the OS to get messy when changing layouts.
  • Updated All kernels and packages as well as compatibility with Anbox to latest kernel.

As I am sure you guys are aware, we are based in Vietnam which has been BADLY affected by the Corona-virus by shutdowns, Internet problems, not to mention months long lock down with $0 Salary in between, Everything is pretty much closed. So you can imagine the chaos this has created here. We have planned many builds for release this year and we hope that none of them get delayed by the after effects of this epidemic, we are working hard to stay on target. We also pray for everyone infected, that they make a full recovery and that they find a treatment for this Virus soon, It is terrible what the whole world is currently going through. However, the project has also been affected by this epidemic, Finances have not been great the last year for the project. We ask that if you can donate, please do so, we would really appreciate it. You have no idea how badly it is needed and every cent helps, a few $$ can go a long way…

Please Take a Minute to Donate to the Project via paypal before you Download ( links open in new page  )

Or You can also become a Patreon below : 

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We really hope you Enjoy using MakuluLinux.

While Downloading you may want to watch this “Introduction Video” that briefly shows you around the Droid Desktop

Download Links :

MD5 :  368c93890f66994d14fee1f7481e12be

SHA1 :  49607c6385f85b8487a092d64300df95a7c11e01

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