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      Hi Jacque, 

      I’m on Stage 4 Dementia, and I am going Blind, I need Electra to Help me with my Online Endeveous.

      Electra is not working to Help, When I say “Hey Electra” She Just Doesn’t respond. I even Configured the Vocal Config. Could you Help me? Thanks & God Bless.

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      hey electra is only to turn the voice on.  you can use “hey electra” or “electra wake up”

      if you are having problems using the background voice, then i would HIGHLY recommend starting her up from the terminal interface shortcut on the desktop. you can also talk to the A.I from that terminal directly, and what is nice is that you can see every step of the interaction as it happens. you do not need to use hey electra with the terminal interface.

      Launch that shortcut on the desktop, its called “terminal interface” , once open, you can simply talk using voice. whatever you ask, put “electra” in front of it

      so if you want to ask “why is the sky blue”  you would say “electra, why is the sky bkue”.   it is that easy…

Viewing 1 reply thread
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