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    As mentioned in my earlier post about Core installation problems, I am now up and running. I may have made a mistake during installation with my home partition. I have a +-900gb home partition that I always mount as /home, no formatting. Makulu created a home folder under the root folder with the normal subfolders (Documents, Downloads, Music etc.) I can access my home partition as it is listed on the desktop.

    My query is, can I change my home folder (on sda4) to the home partition (sda2) without re-installing? Installing takes forever, especially with the 0.5kB/s line to makululinux.online

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    It isn’t recommended to use the same home folder for all distro’s, there are user settings that are different, like XFCE settings etc, mixing them up will cause problems with the look and feel and behavior of MakuluLinux, as most of these settings are stored in files in the home folder.

    But what I do is I delete the folders “Documentsa”, “Pictures”, etc, where my data is stored, and create symlinks with the same name pointing the folders on the other partition. Make sure you have setup the permissions in those folders so they can be used by all your Distro’s, as the UUID of the user accounts can be different. The User ID that gets created in MakuluLinux during installation is 1001 (1000 is used by the Live-User-ID, makulu).

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